Czech Technical University Digital Library (hereinafter referred to as CTU DL) is the institutional repository of CTU which is managed and developed by the Central Library of CTU in cooperation with the Computing and Information Centre of CTU.

The repository's purpose is to make the results of research, educational and study activities of all members of the CTU academic community accessible.

The digital library supports open access to information and their sharing with both the research community and the general public. It helps to raise awareness of university activities and to increase its prestige (higher number of readers and citations of CTU authors' publications).

The repository includes above all:

  • university theses and dissertations (ETDs) - Bachelor's, Master's and PhD theses (dissertations), habilitation theses
  • CTU research outputs (e.g. peer-reviewed scientific publications, where it is in accordance with the publishers' rights)
  • other documents created at CTU (e.g. scientific journal Acta Polytechnica, study materials)

Digital library is a part of CTU information infrastructure – it is interconnected with the components of CTU information system (SIS – study information system, CRIS – current research information system, Usermap – user authentication and authorization), library system (Aleph), and e-journal publishing system (Open Journal Systems). Within these processes the data already inserted into CTU information system are reused to a maximum degree.

DL CTU is organized into communities, whose structure corresponds to the organizational structure of CTU (faculties, departments, institutes). Within these communities, the documents are stored in the corresponding collections.

The access to full texts is specified by the author; in some cases, texts may be published only after an embargo period.

Access to full texts, intended only for a limited group of users from CTU academe, is possible after logging with unified CTU Password.

Some of the stored results received public funding, and therefore it is in the public interest to make them available through CTU DL.

If you are a CTU PhD student or employee, and you are interested in making your publications or other documents available via CTU DL, please contact theadministrator.

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  • Úprava kritérií pro určování kritické informační infrastruktury České republiky 

    Author: Bernátek J.
    (Žilinská univerzita v Žilině, Fakulta špeciálného inženierstva, 2020)
    Příspěvek definuje základní pojmy kybernetické bezpečnosti týkající se kritické informační infrastruktury České republiky. Praktická část příspěvku obsahuje úpravu aktuálně stanovených dopadových a sektorových kritérií pro ...

    Author: Procházková D.; Procházka J.
    (Archiv ČVUT, 2020)
    The publication subject is to show the risk management of complex technical facilities at a stage involving the design, construction, outfit by technology equipment, testing and commissioning. The safety of this technical ...
  • Zajištění místní regulace 

    Author: Bašta J.
    (Společnost pro techniku prostředí, 2020)
    Příspěvek se zaměřuje na návrh TRV ve vazbě na pásmo proporcionality a autoritu ventilu a s nimi související použití tzv. přednastavení.
  • A New Algorithm for Detecting Failure to Clear Mode of Circuit Breakers Using Fundamental Frequency Component of Voltage Signals 

    Author: Feizifar B.; Müller Z.; Usta O.
    (IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2020)
    This paper introduces a new algorithm for the early detection of abnormal arcing conditions of circuit breakers (CBs). Any interruption with a higher arcing time compared to maximum permissible arcing time of CB is defined ...
  • 钢渣沥青混合料应用现状 

    Author: He L.; Zhan Ch.-Y.; Lyu S.-T.; Grenfell J.; Gao J.; Kowalski K.-J.; Valentin J.; Xie J.; Rzek L.; Ling T.-Q.
    (Chang’an University, 2020)
    总结了钢渣的物理性质、化学成分及矿物相组成; 分析了影响钢渣体积安定性的因素及其改善措施; 探讨了钢渣沥青混合料的配合比设计方法; 分析了钢渣沥青混合料的路用性能(高温稳定性、低温抗裂性、水稳定性、抗疲劳性、体积安定性、抗滑性)及其功能特性(导电性与微波加热); 研究了钢渣沥青混合料的生态、社会及经济效益; 介绍了国内外的工程应用。研究结果表明:钢渣可用于沥青混合料,且应为陈化半年以上的转炉钢渣或电炉钢渣; 钢渣的物理力学性能优良,而化 ...

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