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    • Vzduch v otopných soustavách 

      Author: Bašta J.
      (Společnost pro techniku prostředí, 2020)
      Článek se zabývá problematikou vzduchu v otopných soustavách a možnostmi eliminace potíží, které způsobuje. Příspěvek se zaměřuje na problém permanentně zavzdušněné otopné soustavy, na souvislost zavzdušnění s teplotou, ...
    • Bioenergy Electricity on Internet of Renewable Energy (IoRE) Framework for Sustainable Electricity Grid Integration in the European Union (EU) 

      Author: Igbinovia F.O.; Krupka J.; Hajek P.; Müller Z.; Tlustý J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      Climate change and the finite nature of traditional electricity production sources have resulted in the increasing utilization of renewable electricity sources in today's electricity grid architecture. Which is hoped to ...
    • Electricity Storage in Internet of Renewable Energy (IoRE) Domain for Sustainable Smart Cities 

      Author: Igbinovia F.O.; Krupka J.; Hajek P.; Müller Z.; Tlustý J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      Electricity storage is essential to permitting the advocacy of a purely renewable electricity grid architecture. This will be the utmost resolution for devoting only random renewable electricity resources like wind and ...
    • Spolupráce Katedry elektroenergetiky Fakulty elektrotechnické ČVUT v Praze na diplomových pracích s praxí 

      Author: Klein V.
      (Český svaz zaměstnavatelů v energetice, 2020)
      Katedra elektroenergetiky FEL ČVUT v Praze má dlouholetou tradici při výuce vzdělaných odborníků v oblasti elektroenergetiky a patří k předním českým vysokoškolským pracovištím, která řeší náročné úlohy v energetice.
    • The possibilities of reducing energy consumption for the preparation of hot water by suitable switching of the heat pump 

      Author: Rimbala J.; Kyncl J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The article deals with the possibilities of reducing energy consumption for the preparation of hot water by suitable switching of the air-to-water heat pump according to the expected time course of the outdoor air temperature. ...
    • Intelligent suspension system with two-degree-of-freedom hybrid mass dampers 

      Author: Alsoufi Y.
      (Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, 2020)
      The presented model discusses the advantages and drawbacks of combining three concepts in vibration suspension. Dual-Loop Controller (DLC) with two-degree-of-freedom Hybrid Mass Damper (HMD) attached to a single degree of ...
    • A supervisory MPC for synchronverter 

      Author: Vetoshkin L.; Müller Z.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The adoption of renewable energy sources leads to lower grid inertia, which brings more complications to operators of electrical grids. New control strategies for power electronics try to cope with that problem by introducing ...
    • Supplementary damping control design for large scale PV power plant at transmission level interconnection 

      Author: Isbeih Y.J.; Shawky El Moursi M.; Lotfi M.; Catalao J.P.S.; Abdelwahab M.
      (IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2020)
      The deployment of large scale photovoltaic (PV) power generation has been witnessed in several countries worldwide with different installed capacities. Accordingly, codes and regulations to ensure secure and economical ...
    • Photodetectors for cylindrical illuminance sensor 

      Author: Kozlok M.; Žák P.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The paper describes the basic principles of illuminance measurement and possibilities of multi-point measurement of light field spatial properties. Based on the research, the description contains three steps of the development ...
    • Lightning incidence on transmission overhead lines 

      Author: Jányš P.; Procházka R.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The paper deals with an estimation of lightning strike incidence to transmission overhead lines in the context of line outages gathered from an automatic monitoring system. The statistics of the Czech transmission system's ...
    • Primary energy reduction using small CHP systems 

      Author: Votava J.; Kyncl J.; Müller Z.; Vetoshkin L.; Rimbala J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      This work deals with the creation of a control model for a system with CHP units, heat pump and energy storage. By simulating such system, it can be designed and optimized for primary energy consumption and investment. The ...
    • Theoretical measurement limits of parameters of commissioned heat pumps 

      Author: Rimbala J.; Kyncl J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      This paper analyzes the uncertainties of measuring the heat and cooling factors of compressor and absorption heat pumps. The article analyzes the uncertainties of measurement and, in two case studies, it is shown that ...
    • Calibration of burdens for instrument transformers 

      Author: Draxler K.; Ulvr M.; Styblikova R.; Hlaváček J.
      (IEEE, 2020)
      The first part of this paper deals with the influence of burden accuracy on the errors of current and voltage instrument transformers. The requirement stated in the prepared standard, corresponding to a tolerance of burden ...
    • Contractions of Realizations 

      Author: Nesterenko M.; Pošta S.
      (Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., 2020)
      The direct application of the parameterized linear transformations (contraction matrices) to the Lie vector fields that realize a Lie algebra leads to improper (zero operators) realizations. This can be avoided by the ...
    • Critical infrastructure and the possibility of increasing its resilience in the context of the energy sector 

      Author: Čerňan M.; Müller Z.; Tlustý J.; Halaška J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The paper focuses on critical infrastructure and its resilience. The introductory parts of the paper define the concepts of critical infrastructure and resilience of critical infrastructure and further define its legislative ...
    • Influence of Voltage Distortion Shape on Partial Discharge Activity in Internal Voids 

      Author: Procházka R.; Šefl O.
      (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 2020)
      Electrical insulation materials, especially polymers, may contain miniature internal voids. Insulation systems created from such materials might hence suffer from the development of partial discharges in the voids. These ...
    • Potential of technical losses reduction in low voltage feeder using small photovoltaics 

      Author: Alshammari A.; Čerňan M.; Müller Z.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      Efficiency of electricity systems is currently a high priority for the society. Our article focuses on the area of low voltage distribution system, where we focus more deeply on the possibilities of reducing technical ...
    • A comparative study of synchronverter stability 

      Author: Vetoshkin L.; Müller Z.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      Electric grids, after a large scale installation of renewable energy sources, have dramatically changed. One of the major concerns in the operation of the modern power system is low grid inertia. Different approaches are ...
    • Calibration of unipolar high current impulses for resistance spot welding 

      Author: Hlaváček J.; Kněnický M.; Draxler K.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      Requirement from practice is the need for quality and precise measurement of unipolar high current impulses, which are applied in resistance spot welding. The reason is the high dependence of weld quality on the shape and ...
    • Breakdown behaviour of oil-barrier insulation at lightning impulse voltage 

      Author: Haller R.; Hornak J.; Trnka P.; Hamar R.; Hlaváček J.
      (Czechoslovakia Section IEEE, 2020)
      The breakdown behavior of oil-barrier insulation is of special interest for design, manufacturing and quality testing for relevant insulations in electrical apparatus. Besides the commonly used mineral oil with different ...