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      Fiber reinforced concrete, tensile strength of the fibers, fracture mechanics, fracture energy, cracFiber reinforced concrete, crack [1]
      fibre reinforced concrete, concrete, fibres for concrete, concreting in the domestic environment, compressive strength, tensile strength, testing, concreting [1]
      Finite Element Method, FEM, Building Information Modeling, BIM, Statics, Fire Safety Design of Building, FSDB, Construction, Construction System [1]
      Fire safety design,office and technology building structural system,reinforced concrete,precast concrete skeleton,static design,fire resistance,fire safety solutions [1]
      Fire safety solutions, fire code, static analysis, the effect of fire, Eurocode. [1]
      Flat slab,reinforced concrete staircase,loadbearing structure,reinforced concrete monolithic structure,first limit state [1]
      Flat slabPunchingReinforcement against punching Shear rails [1]
      Floating structure, submersible structure, stability, fibre reinforced concrete, pier [1]
      Floor, ceiling, structure, wall, beam, load, strain, design, reinforcement, model, concrete, thinness [1]
      Footbridge, suspended bridge, curved structure, load, concrete, stress, deformation, dynamic analysis. [1]
      Footbridge,frame structure,rafter structure,prestressed structure,reinforced concrete structure [1]
      FootbridgeSubmerged footbridgeUHPFRCPrecast segmental structurePrestressed concrete [1]
      frame bridge,concrete,load-bearing capacity [1]
      Fresh concrete,evaporation,total water content,water-to-cement ratio,compressive strength,ready-mixed concrete [1]
      high-performance concrete (HPC),concrete admixtures,compressive strength,factors affect strength,fly ash,silika fume,metakaolin [1]
      Industrial hall, Fire safety solution, Fire resistance, Fire prevention, Production plant, Fire alarm system, Escape route, Fireplug, Reinforced concrete, Static calculation [1]
      industrial hall,girder,design,ultimate limit state,serviceability limit state,limiting stress,crack,deflection,creep,modulus of elasticity,ideal cross section [1]
      integral bridge, beam bridge, two-span bridge, overpass, UHPFRC, pre-stressed concrete [1]
      integral bridge, traffic load, material UHPFRC, isotropic model, orthotropic model, prestressing, interaction structure - soil [1]
      integral bridge,shifts,height of abutment,the length of the main support structure [1]