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      Cable-stayed bridge, estakade, girder construction, bridge cabels, prestressed reinforcment, pylon, SCIA Engineer [1]
      Cable-stayed bridge,chambre construction,girder bridge,bridge cabels,pylon,prestressed reinforcment [1]
      calculation tool, serviceability limit state, deflection, reinforced concrete beam [1]
      calculation tool,reinforced concrete,slab,moments,reinforcement [1]
      Ceiling,voided slab,computational model,concrete,reinforcement,ultimate limit state,serviceability limit state [1]
      cement,portland cement,production of cement,methodology of testing the properties of cement,determination of consistence of fresh mortar,determination of air content of fresh mort [1]
      cement,portlandský cement,výroba cementu,metodika zkoušek cementu,zkouška konzistence čerstvé malty,zkouška obsahu vzduchu čerstvé malty [1]
      Commercial hall,static design,fire safety solution,beam,column,slab,fire resistance [1]
      concrete columns,slenderness,buckling,effective length,second order effects,nominal curvature,non-linearity,isolated element,nominal stiffness [1]
      concrete constructions,cable-stayed pedestrian bridge,pedestrian and cycle bridge,concrete bridge deck,steel-concrete composite pylon [1]
      Concrete halls, vertical deformations, stiffness of precast joints, deformation of halls, limit deformations [1]
      concrete road bridge,point-supported slab based bridge construction,road traffic load,pre-tension,serviceability limit state,ultimate limit state,penetration,reinforcement,pillar [1]
      concrete structure,D-region,deep beam,discontinuity,strut-and-tie method,vertical load-bearing element [1]
      concrete structure,design,reinforcement,liqhtweight ceiling slab,3D model [1]
      concrete structures,designing,inclined reinforced concrete columns,variants of structural solution [1]
      concrete structures,surface treatment,aggressive environment,durability,air permeability,protection and aesthetic function [1]
      Concrete, crystallization, additives, isolation, Xypex, strength, depth of penetration of water [1]
      concrete, lightweight concrete ,furniture made of concrete, glass mesh, 3D reintforcement, subtle slab, computer model [1]
      Concrete, Prestressed concrete, Steel, Bridge, Arch-tied bridge, Road bridge [1]
      Concrete, steel fibre concrete, reinforcement, post-installed rebar, adhesive anchor [1]