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    • Flux effect on void quantity and size in soldered joints 

      Author: Bušek, D.; Dušek, K.; Růžička, D.; Plaček, M.; Mach, P.; Urbánek, J.; Starý, J.
      This article is focused on both macro and microvoids in soldered joints and the use of additional flux to reduce their frequency and minimize their negative effect on the soldered joint reliability. In total five fluxes ...
    • Problem with no-clean flux spattering on in-circuit testing pads diagnosed by EDS analysis 

      Author: Dušek, Karel; Bušek, D.
      Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly often faces the issue of residues on In Circuit Testing (ICT) pads. These residues may have non-conductive character and therefore in-circuit test may mark tested product as failed ...