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dc.contributor.authorDušek, Karel
dc.contributor.authorBušek, D.
dc.identifier.citationDušek, K. - Bušek, D.: Problem with no-clean flux spattering on in-circuit testing pads diagnosed by EDS analysis. Microelectronics Reliability. 2016, vol. 56, no. 1, p. 162-169. ISSN 0026-2714.cze
dc.description.abstractSurface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly often faces the issue of residues on In Circuit Testing (ICT) pads. These residues may have non-conductive character and therefore in-circuit test may mark tested product as failed though they would have worked normally. Since it is not possible to export such marked products, the total production quality decreases. In thiswork,we analyze the realmanufacturing problemusing Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis of the stains with the aim to find the possible source of residues that appear on the testing pads during the mass electronic assembly or during Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production. Analysis of potential source of residues together with its diagnostic and confirmation of its source is presented in this work.cze
dc.subjectAssembly manufacturingcze
dc.subjectFlux spatteringcze
dc.subjectIn-circuit testcze
dc.subjectScanning electron microscopycze
dc.titleProblem with no-clean flux spattering on in-circuit testing pads diagnosed by EDS analysiscze

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