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      Klíčové slovo
      ACAS, TCAS, airborne collision avoidance system, air traffic safety, resolution advisory, Eurocontrol [1]
      ACAS, TCAS, palubní protisrážkový systém, bezpečnost letového provozu, rada k vyhnutí, Eurocontrol [1]
      ADS-B, MLAT, Ground station, ATC [1]
      ADS-B, MLAT, Pozemní stanice, ATC [1]
      aerospace performance factor, air traffic management, analytic hierarchy process, decision making, key performance indicators, safety [1]
      aerospace performance factor, analytic hierarchy process, bezpečnost, klíčové ukazatele výkonnosti, rozhodovací modely, řízení letového provoz [1]
      Air Ambulance, HEMS, Helicopter, IFR Operation [1]
      Air Cargo, Ostrava airport, pavements strength, Boeing 747-8F, Airbus 330-200F, Boeing 777F [1]
      Air rescue services, DSA s.c., Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Civil Aviation Authority, helicopter, HEMS, EC 135, costs, legislation, maintenance, emergency. [1]
      Air-car, Air car city, airplane, car, city car [1]
      Airline, external factors, fusion, management plan, reorganization, bankruptcies, costs [1]
      Airport České Budějovice, Ural Airlines, cooperation, analysis [1]
      Airspace, Free Route Airspace, Single European Sky, Functional Airspace Block, Air Navigation Service Providers, airways, direct tracks [1]
      analysis, operational safety, airport, parallel runway, Runway incursion, HotSpot [1]
      analýza, provozní bezpečnost, letiště, paralelní dráha, Runway incursion, HotSpot [1]
      Autoletadlo, Air car city, letoun, vozidlo, miniautomobil [1]
      Automatic Dependent Surveillance ? Broadcast (ADS-B), ICAO Version of Certification, Quality Indicators [1]
      aviation maintenance, safety data, aircraft maintenance taxonomies, data collection, data integration [1]
      Aviation market, airlines, valuation and methods of valuation [1]
      aviation, safety, audit, software, design, data collecting, database [1]