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      temperature [1]
      temperature gradient [1]
      Tenké asfaltové vrstvy,polymerem modifikovaný asfalt,asfaltové pojivo modifikované pryží,asfaltová směs pro ultratenké asfaltové vrstvy (UTLAC),měkká asfaltová směs,nízkohlučný SMA,směs typu BBTM,nízkohlučná směs typu AC,funkční zkoušky [1]
      teplota [1]
      The present bachelor thesis focuses on the project of the northern part of the bypass of the township Úlibice on the road I/16 as part of the future motorway D35. The conception is realised in the form of a location study in three variants including their evaluation and subsequent compiling the final variant on the level of the documentation for territorial proceedings. [1]
      Thin asphalt layers,polymer modified bituminous binders,crumb rubber modified bituminous binders,ultra-thin layer of asphalt concrete (UTLAC),soft asphalt,noise reducing SMA,BBTM mixture,noise reducing AC mixture,performance tests [1]
      through road, reconstruction, alternative solutions, increased safety, traffic calming [1]
      through road, reconstruction, traffic calming, increased safety, variant solution [1]
      traffic assessment [1]
      traffic calming [1]
      Traffic calming,traffic flow,divide islet,bus stop,parking [1]
      traffic safety measures [1]
      Traffic solution [2]
      traffic solution, local communications, stationary traffic, traffic calming, Prague 9 [1]
      Traffic solution, local roads, safety, bus stop, level crossroad, roundabout [1]
      traffic solution, traffic calming, modern forms of traffic calming, zone with traffic restrictions, junction area [1]
      traffic solutions, capacity, Argentinska street, width layout, city boulevard [1]
      traffic solutions, road of I. class, local roads, traffic tranquility, traffic fluency, intersection, traffic junction, pavements, bus stops [1]
      transit transport [1]
      Transport calm [1]