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    Family house,lightweight skeleton,timber house,timber,beam,column (1)
    Fatique, design of bridges, composite bridges, damage equivalent factor method, damage accumulation method (1)
    Fiber-reinforced concrete,floating structures,hydrostatics,pier,pontoon (1)
    Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS); Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); horizontal fire resistance furnace; fire test; temperature; thermocouples; plate thermometer; adiabatic surface temperature. (1)
    Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS); dynamická analýza plynů (CFD); požární vodorovná zkušební pec; požární zkouška; teplota; termočlánky; deskové snímače teploty; adiabatická teplota povrchu. (1)
    fire dynamics,gas temperature,pressure,fire resistance test,furnace model,CFD,FDS (1)
    Fire dynamics,numerical model,hall object,temperature field,boundary conditions,FDS (1)
    Fire protection; fire resistance; fire protection materials; heat transfer; thermal conductivity; temperature; time; steel structure; modelling; finite element method (1)
    Fire safety design, normal temperature, fire, steel, static solution, revision (1)
    Fire safety design,fire distances of buildings,heat transfer,BIM (Building Information Modelling),building life cycle,algorithmization (1)
    fire safety solution, service hall, steel truss, assessment at elevated temperature, car fire, long-vehicle car fire, fire protection desig (1)
    Fire safety solution; building information model; BIM model; facility management; project dokumentation; fire safety equipment; standoff distance. (1)
    Fire safety solution; Castellated girder; Local fire (1)
    fire safety solutions, steel framework, pillar, ceiling beam, girder, reinforced concrete ceiling, assessment at elevated temperatures (1)
    Fire safety solutions, steel structure, column, ceiling beam, girder, composite steel-concrete floor, assessment at elevated temperatures, fire resistence (1)
    Fire sprinklers, fire fighting equipement, fire protect, steel structures, cooling of structures by water, truss beam, fire resistance (1)
    fire,experiment,timber,joint,steel (1)
    Fire,Fire area,FRS CR,SSU databases,Direct damage,Saved value,Killed and injured persons (1)
    fish-belly truss,hall construction,membrane effect,timber structure (1)
    Footbridge for cycling and pedestrian traffic,calculation,timber structure (1)
    Footbridge, Berounka river, structural analysis, pressure, tension, bending, strain, analysis, steel structure, bearings (1)
    footbridge, pedestrians, steel, timber (1)
    footbridge, steel construction, composite steel-concrete construction, comparison (1)
    Footbridge, wood, concrete, coupled constructio (1)
    Footbridge,steel,concrete,reversed beam,coupled construction (1)
    Frame construction, rolled sections, haunch, sports hall (1)
    Frame corner,frame construction,connecting element,optimization,rigidity,bearing capacity (1)
    Frame hall, bolted knee of frame with haunch, steel structure (1)
    Free from Damage Joints,Seismic Behaviour,FEM methods,improved seismic response (1)
    Friction Dampers,Quasi-Static Loading,Impact loading,Steel structures (1)