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    • Sensitivity and Noise of Wire-Core Transverse Fluxgate 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Butta, Mattia; Jie, Fan; Li, Xiaoping
      (IEEE, 2010-02)
      Fluxgate sensors with cores made of amorphous microwire have low sensitivity due to the small cross-sectional area of the wire. Previous studies with multiwire cores have shown nonlinear increase of sensitivity with number ...
    • Single-core fluxgate gradiometer with simultaneous gradient and homogeneous feedback operation 

      Author: Janošek, Michal; Ripka, Pavel; Ludwig, Frank; Schilling, Meinhard
      (American Institute of Physics, 2012-03-06)
      A novel configuration of a single-core gradiometer, utilizing both homogeneous and gradient feedback operation, is presented. The fluxgate gradiometer comprises of a standard pick-up/ feedback coil and an additional gradient ...
    • Two-Domain Model for Orthogonal Fluxgate 

      Author: Butta, Mattia; Ripka, Pavel
      (IEEE, 2008-11)
      In this paper a new model for orthogonal fluxgate is presented. A first attempt to explain the working principle of the orthogonal fluxgates was done in the 1970's. We show that this model does not work well on recently ...