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    • Magnetic Microwires With Field-Induced Helical Anisotropy for Coil-Less Fluxgate 

      Author: Butta, M.; Ripka, P.; Infante, G.; Badini-Confalonieri, G. A.; Vázquez, M.
      (IEEE, 2010-07)
      We present a new method for production of magnetic microwire with helical anisotropy. Coil-less fluxgate sensors are generally composed of a bimetallic wire excited by an alternating current; in order for the wire to work ...
    • Multiple Layer Scanning in Magnetopneumography 

      Author: Tomek, Jiří; Platil, Antonín; Ripka, Pavel
      (IEEE, 2009-04)
      In magnetopneumography (MPG), we scan weak remanent magnetic fields (in the range of nT) of ferromagnetic dust deposited in the lungs of affected workers. This is carried out in an unshielded lab. Variations of the background ...
    • Off-Center Error Correction of AMR Yokeless Current Transducer 

      Author: Mlejnek, Pavel; Ripka, Pavel
      (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2017)
      We present a method of calibration and error correction of the AMR yokeless current transducer consisting of a circular array of eight anisotropic magnetoresistors (AMR) with one feedback compensation loop. The main sources ...
    • Predicting the Quality of Synthesized and Natural Speech Impaired by Packet Loss and Coding Using PESQ and P.563 Models 

      Author: Počta, P.; Holub, J.
      This paper investigates the impact of independent and dependent losses and coding on speech quality predictions provided by PESQ (also known as ITU-T P.862) and P.563 models, when both naturally-produced and synthesized speech ...
    • Pulse Excitation of Micro-Fluxgate Sensors 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Choi, San On; Tipek, Alois; Kawahito, Shoji; Ishida, Makoto
      (IEEE, 2001-07)
      Miniature fluxgate sensors with symmetrical closed core elements on both sides of the planar coils were manufactured using standard microtechnology. The new sensors have shown substantial improvement over the standard ...
    • Sensitivity and Noise of Wire-Core Transverse Fluxgate 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Butta, Mattia; Jie, Fan; Li, Xiaoping
      (IEEE, 2010-02)
      Fluxgate sensors with cores made of amorphous microwire have low sensitivity due to the small cross-sectional area of the wire. Previous studies with multiwire cores have shown nonlinear increase of sensitivity with number ...
    • Single-core fluxgate gradiometer with simultaneous gradient and homogeneous feedback operation 

      Author: Janošek, Michal; Ripka, Pavel; Ludwig, Frank; Schilling, Meinhard
      (American Institute of Physics, 2012-03-06)
      A novel configuration of a single-core gradiometer, utilizing both homogeneous and gradient feedback operation, is presented. The fluxgate gradiometer comprises of a standard pick-up/ feedback coil and an additional gradient ...
    • Two-Domain Model for Orthogonal Fluxgate 

      Author: Butta, Mattia; Ripka, Pavel
      (IEEE, 2008-11)
      In this paper a new model for orthogonal fluxgate is presented. A first attempt to explain the working principle of the orthogonal fluxgates was done in the 1970's. We show that this model does not work well on recently ...