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    technologie [1]
    technology [1]
    Tepelné čerpadlo [1]
    Tepelné čerpadlo, budovy, nízkopotenciální energie, energie, tepelné ztráty, dimenzování, vzduch-voda, Nibe. [1]
    tepelné ztráty [2]
    Tepelné ztráty,vytápění,otopné soustavy,dimenzování [1]
    teplárenství [1]
    teplo, odpor, ztráty, spotřeba, energetika [1]
    teplotní drift [1]
    teplotní simulace [1]
    Termografie Měření Vítr Šroubový spoj Korekce Termografická kamera Teplo Kovekce Kondukce Radiace [1]
    termografie, teplo vzniklé průchodem proudu, termokamera, korekce, termografická měření, bezdotykové měření teplot [1]
    The bachelor thesis primarily concerned with quality of electricity in industrial networks with focus on such important points of electricity as reactive power quality, higher harmonics and flicker effect. The bachelor thesis topic was explained step by step from the determination requirements for the quality of electricity, mainly with respect to technical standard EN 50160 to explanation methodology for calculation of dissemination flicker effect and higher harmonics by the sample example. In the following parts of the thesis is devoted to describe the basic principles of improvement the quality of electricity with proposed example of different higher harmonics filters and compared their characteristics. Another point of the thesis was description of SVC compensation element and higher harmonics filters. In practical examples we dealt with proposal of higher harmonic filters for dynamic and static load. The last point of the thesis was accounting economic aspects of the proposed solutions, which nowadays is also important. In conclusion I've demonstrated out the main advantages of the proposed solutions with regard to the issue quality of electricity. [1]
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