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    • Design and Modeling of Symmetric Three Branch Polymer Planar Optical Power Dividers 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Tůma, Hynek; Špirková, Jarmila; Jeřábek, Vítězslav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2013-04)
      Two types of polymer-based three-branch symmetric planar optical power dividers (splitters) were designed, multimode interference (MMI) splitter and triangular shape-spacing splitter. By means of modeling the real structures ...
    • The properties of free-standing epoxy polymer multi-mode optical waveguides 

      Author: Prajzler V.; Neruda M.; Jašek P.; Nekvindová P.
      (Springer, 2019)
      The paper reports on the fabrication and characterisation of free-standing multimode optical epoxy polymer waveguides consisting of a core made of EpoCore and EpoClad polymer cladding and cover protection layers. The 50 × 50 ...