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      Y-86, I-124, radionuclide production, target systems [1]
      Yacht sales,Wind-tunnel balances,polar diagram,NACA0012 profile,NACA4415 profile [1]
      Yak C-11,airworthness,maintenance plan,prescript base [1]
      Yb-doped CW fiber laser,frequency doubling,enhancement cavity,periodically poled lithium niobate [1]
      Yb:YAG,tenký disk,Kerrova čočka,synchronizace módů [1]
      Yb:YAG,thin disk,Kerr lens,mode-locking [1]
      yeast,Saccharomyces cerevisiae,V79,mammalian cells,ionizing radiation,hydroxyl radical,scavenger of hydroxyl radicals [1]
      yeast,UVC radiation,degree of radiation protection,dose rate,scavengers [1]
      Yeast,Yeast Infection [1]
      Young drivers, prevention, traffic accidents, rehabilitation programs, fatigue, sleep, psychology of young driver, road rage, dangerous driver, drivers education, provisional driving licence, psychological right of way [1]
      Young drivers, provisional driving licence, accompanied driving, traffic accidents, prevention [1]
      young firemen,preventiv,preventively-educational programmes,Czechia,Moravia and Silesia Association of Firemen Educational System [1]
      Young's modulus of elasticity,elastic deformation,tensile test,bending of beam,dynamic modulus of elasticity [1]
      Youngův modul pružnosti v tahu,elastická deformace,zkouška tahem,ohyb nosníku,dynamický modul pružnosti [1]
      Youth, lifestyle, water/fluid intake, healthy diet, free time, alcohol, smoking, drugs [1]
      YouTube API, Ruby, NARRA, OpenNarrative, metadata description of the video, RSpec [1]
      YouTube API, Ruby, NARRA, OpenNarrative, popis videa metadaty, RSpec [1]
      yttria, Y2O3, ceramics, thermal spray, plasma torch, electrical properties [1]
      z-pinch [1]
      Z-pinches [1]