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      Time series forecasting,exponential Smoothing,ARIMA,inventory control,stochastic optimization,newsvendor model,decomposition [1]
      time series forecasting,time series,neural networks,arima,exponential smoothing [2]
      time series, PRIBOR, construction works, divergence, difference, distance [1]
      time series,trading signals,fractal dimension,Hurst exponent [1]
      time step adaptivity [1]
      time table, airport, public transport [1]
      time varying dimensions [1]
      Time, Manager, Management, Time Managemnet, Plans, Goals, Priorities, The Decision-Making process, Organization, Controlling, Communication, Effectivity, Tools, Methods [1]
      time-delayed differential equations, Lambert function, lasers [1]
      Time-of-Fight diagnostics,Proton-Boron fusion therapy,laser-driven ion beam diagnostics,SiC detector,diamond detector [1]
      Time-of-Flight,ToF,camera,3-D,distance measurement [1]
      Time-of-Flight,ToF,kamera,3D,meranie vzdialenosti [1]
      Time-Varying Parameters MPC,Autonomous Aerial Firefighting,Aggressive Maneuvers for UAV,Autonomous Precision Aerial Dropping,Trajectory Optimization for UAV,Real Time Trajectory Planning for UAV [1]
      Timepix, Medipix, CERN, ATLAS Experiment, ATLAS TPX, ATLAS MPX, Hybrid Particle Pixel Detector, Ionizing radiation, JSON REST API, Energy Calibration of Hybrid Particle Pixel Detectors [1]
      Timepix, Medipix, CERN, ATLAS experiment, ATLAS TPX, ATLAS MPX, hybridní pixelový detektor, ionizující záření, JSON REST API, energetická kalibrace hybridních pixelových detektorů [1]
      Timescale,Time transfer,GNSS,Optic fibres,Software [1]
      timetable, scheduling, project management, decision-making process, SW programs, a construction project [1]
      timsort,paralelní timsort,třídící algoritmy,openMP,C++Thread support library [1]
      timsort,parallel timsort,sorting algorithms,openMP,C++ Threadsupport library [1]
      TiNb [1]