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      M-Commerce, E-Commerce, beer, Heineken, distribution, ordering methods, mobile application [1]
      M-Commerce, E-Commerce, pivo, Heineken, distribuce, způsoby objednávání, mobilní aplikace [1]
      M-Theory [2]
      M2M communication,Internet of Things,LPWAN,prediction for M2M [1]
      M2M komunikace,Internet věcí,LPWAN,predikce M2M [1]
      Mac, OS X, správa úkolů, klientská aplikace, efektivita ovládání, produktivita [1]
      Mac, OS X, task management, client application, efficiency of use, productivity [1]
      macerator [1]
      Machine learning [1]
      Machine Learning, Domains, Named Entities, REST API, Weka, DBpedia [1]
      machine learning, malware detection, feature selection, weak labels [1]
      machine learning, model, data, behaviour analysis, recommender system, metric [1]
      Machine learning, neural networks, autoencoder, negative correlation, universal intelligence. [1]
      machine learning, Python, feature selection, regression, classification, predicting final prices of online auctions, analysis of users on auction websites [1]
      machine learning, satellite images, remote sensing [1]
      machine learning, semi-supervised learning, astroinformatics, emission-line spectra, LAMOST [1]
      Machine learning,application lifecycle management,ALM,GDPR,AWS,Amazon web services,LDA,Latent Dirichlet allocation [1]
      machine learning,artificial neural network,deep neural network,convolutional neural networks,indirect encoding,edge encoding,evolutionary algorithm,genetic programming,grammatical evolution,modular architectures [1]
      machine learning,cross-device connection,gradient boosting,downsampling,feature extraction [1]
      machine learning,gradient descent,recursive least square,MIMO dynamical systems,Python,MATLAB,Simulink,training,controller tuning [1]