• Contribution to the Ring-Core Fluxgate Theory 

      Autor: Ripka P.
      (The Royal Swedisch Academy of Sciences, 1989)
      Existing theories for open-core fluxgate are not fitting experimental results in the case of ring-core sensors. Simple description based on transfer functions which takes into account the interaction between two half-cores ...
    • La littérature tchéque et l'électrotechnique 

      Autor: Efmertová M.
      (Presses Universitaires de France, 1995)
      Článek pojednává o terminologické vývoji v elektrotechnice. Věnuje se též odrazu elektrotechniky v krásné literatuře.
    • Projektování mikropočítačových systémů 

      Autor: Janeček J.
      (Czech Technical University in Prague, 1995)
    • On Cross-Axis Effect of the Anisotropic Magnetoresistive Sensors 

      Autor: Kubík J.; Včelák J.; Ripka P.
      (Elsevier Science, 2006)
      The article deals with fully digital compass based on AMR sensors and accelerometers. The developed device gives information about actual azimuth, roll and pitch. The article is especially focused on errors caused by sensors ...
    • Temperature Offset Drift of GMI Sensors 

      Autor: Malátek M.; Ripka P.; Kraus L.
      (Elsevier Science, 2008)
      Temperature Offset Drift of GMI Sensors is mainly caused by temperature dependence of permeability
    • Microstructure-Based Modeling of Elastic Functionally Graded Materials: One Dimensional Case 

      Autor: Sharif Khodaei Z.; Zeman J.
      (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2008)
      Functionally graded materials (FGMs) are two-phase composites with continuously changing microstructure adapted to performance requirements. Traditionally, the overall behavior of FGMs has been determined using local ...
    • Multiwire Core Fluxgate 

      Autor: Ripka P.; Li X.P.; Fan J.
      (Elsevier Science, 2009)
      Multiwire core fluxgate has higher sensitivity due to the higher cross=sectional area of the core
    • PCB Sensors in Fluxgate Magnetometer with Controlled Excitation 

      Autor: Janošek M.; Ripka P.
      (Elsevier Science, 2009)
      PCB sensors in fluxgate magnetometer with controlled excitation has more stable offset.
    • Electric Current Sensors: a Review 

      Autor: Ripka P.
      (IOP Publishing, 2010)
      The review makes a brief overview of traditional methods of measurement of electric current and shows in more detail relatively new types of current sensors. These include Hall sensors with field concentrators, AMR current ...
    • Modeling of Passive Forces of Machine Tool Covers 

      Autor: Kolář P.; Hudec J.; Sulitka M.
      (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2010)
      The passive forces acting against the drive force are phenomena that influence dynamical properties and precision of linear axes equipped with feed drives. Covers are one of important sources of passive forces in machine ...
    • Study of Motor-driven Industrial Robot Wrist 

      Autor: Andrlík V.; Maršán Z.; Škoda V.
      (Slovenská technická univerzita, materiálovo-technologická fakulta, 2010)
      This report is devoted to study of conception of motor-driven wrist of industrial robots and manipulators. Research is focused on design of motor-driven wrist module aimed at increasing number of degrees of freedom of ...
    • Possibilities of Compact Spherical Joint Creating 

      Autor: Andrlík V.; Jurda P.
      (Slovenská technická univerzita, materiálovo-technologická fakulta, 2010)
      In recent applications of output kinematic strings of manipulation and automation techniques, industrial robots and manipulators and other motional mechanisms is using of spherical joint not extensive. The reason is in ...
    • How Can Brain Learn to Control a Nonholonomic System? 

      Autor: Homma N.; Kato S.; Goto T.; Bukovský I.; Kawashima R.; Yoshizawa M.
      (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2010)
      Humans can often conduct both linear and nonlinear control tasks after a sufficient number of trials, even if they initially do not have sufficient knowledge about the system's dynamics and the way to control it. Theoretically, ...
    • Cognitive and Neural Aspects in Robotics with Applications 

      Autor: Gupta M.M.; Homma N.; Hou Z.-G.; Bukovský I.
      (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2010)
      This editorial introduces the special issue of the Journal of Robotics containing 18 invited research papers authored by international researchers and is devoted to various aspects of cognition, perception, vision and ...
    • Characterization of Strain-induced Martensitic Transformation in a Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel 

      Autor: Haušild P.; Davydov V.; Drahokoupil J.; Landa M.; Pilvin P.
      (Elsevier, 2010)
      Kinetics of deformation-induced martensitic transformation in metastable austenitic steel AISI 301 was characterized by several techniques including classical light metallography, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray ...
    • Metallurgical Aspects of Laser Surface Processing of PM Cr-V Ledeburitic Steel 

      Autor: Cejp J.; Brajer J.; Jurči P.
      (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011)
      The Vanadis 6 ledeburitic-type steel was laser surface remelted. Microstructural changes and hardness in laser affected material were investigated using light microscopy, SEM, and EDS-microanalysis. It was found that the ...
    • A comparative study on the dynamics of high speed spindles with respect to different preload mechanisms 

      Autor: Altintas Y.; Cao H.; Holkup T.
      (Springer, 2011)
      This paper presents the effects of bearing preload mechanisms on the dynamic performance of high speed spindles. The comparisons of two main types of bearing preload-\"constant\" and \"rigid\"-mechanisms are provided using ...
    • Simulation of Dynamic Properties of a Spindle and Tool System coupled with a Machine Tool Frame 

      Autor: Kolář P.; Janota M.; Sulitka M.
      (Springer, 2011)
      The cutting performance relates to the dynamic properties of the whole system of the tool, spindle and machine tool frame. The impact of the machine frame properties on the dynamic properties at the tool end point is studied ...
    • Contribution to Numerical Simulation of Laser Welding 

      Autor: Ambrož P.; Turňa M.; Taraba B.; Sahul M.
      (Elsevier B.V., 2011)
      Contribution deals with numerical simulation of thermal and stress fields in welding tubes made of austenitic CrNi steel type AISI 304 with a pulsed Nd: YAG laser. Process simulation was realised by use of ANSYS 10 software.
    • Models of 40-Year Spatial Development of Cities in the Czech Republic in a geographic information system 

      Autor: Halounová L.; Vepřek K.; Řehák M.
      (IARIA, 2011)
      The paper shows of processing of 40 year-development in cities of the Czech Republic using GIS and remote sensing data. The development was based on urban functional land use classes