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      S-funkce, autodráha Carrera, rotace souřadnic, Matlab GUI [1]
      S355NL,S960QL,t8/5,kvalifikace postupu svařování,ČSN EN ISO 15614-1-A2 [1]
      S355NL,S960QL,t8/5,welding procedure qualification record,ČSN EN ISO 15614-1-A2 [1]
      SaaS, Docker, Node.js, Angular, web application [1]
      SaaS, Docker, Node.js, Angular, webová aplikace [1]
      SaaS, ruby on rails, multitenancy [1]
      Sacred, Sacredboard, machine learning, experiment, IDSIA [1]
      Sacred, Sacredboard, strojové učení, experiment, IDSIA [1]
      safe way, calming measures, cycling, traffic, Ďáblice [1]
      Safety and protection health during work,Safety work,Deep foundations,Drilled piles,Piles,Drill hole [1]
      Safety assesment during the floods, MVN Šišma, MVN Hluzov, flood wave transformation, maximum permissible safe water level, maximum check flood water level, corrective measures [1]
      Safety indicators, contributing factors, risk, ground operations [1]
      safety inspection, deficit, risk, crosswalk, pavement, city, district, measures, cycle path, traffic sign, optimalization, traffic [1]
      Safety management system, safety, accident and incidents, human factor, hazard, risk, assessment of risk, aero club, safety indicators, factors and implementation [1]
      safety management, drinking water, water supply system, failure of drinking water distribution, What - if analysis [1]
      Safety of machinery, functional safety, drive, safety function, safety module [1]
      safety of railway operation, speed increase, infrastructure optimization, setting-back track-free railway [1]
      safety of work system,safety of work,risks,risk management [1]
      safety, aircraft landing gear, aircraft landing gear test methods, risk analysis [1]
      Safety, alcohol, psychotropic substances, autonomous vehicles [1]