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    • An Evaluation Tool for Research of User Behavior in a Realistic Mobile Environment 

      Author: Malý, Ivo; Míkovec, Zdeněk; Vystrčil, Jan; Franc, Jakub; Slavík, Pavel
      (Springer, 2013)
      User behavior is significantly influenced by the surrounding environment. Especially complex and dynamically changing environments (like mobile environment) are represented by a wide variety of extraneous variables, which ...
    • Understanding Formal Description of Pitch-Based Input 

      Author: Poláček, Ondřej; Míkovec, Zdeněk
      (Springer, 2010)
      The pitch-based input (humming, whistling, singing) in acoustic modality has already been studied in several projects. There is also a formal description of the pitch-based input which can be used by designers to define ...
    • NaviTerier - Indoor Navigation System for Visually Impaired 

      Author: Vystrčil, Jan; Míkovec, Zdeněk; Slavík, Pavel
      (Czech Technical University, 2012)
      This paper presents key findings gathered during development of indoor navigation system called NaviTerier [1]. This system is targeted to visually impaired users who want to navigate independently inside large buildings ...
    • Ontology Driven Voice-Based Interaction in Mobile Environment 

      Author: Kopsa, Jiří; Míkovec, Zdeněk; Slavík, Pavel
      (Schloss Dagstuhl International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science, 2005)
      In this paper we are presenting a prototype of a voice user interface that allows users to interact with the mobile knowledge management system, which is being developed at Czech Technical University in Prague. The primary ...
    • Context Sensitive Navigation in Hospitals 

      Author: Balata, Jan; Macík, Miroslav; Míkovec, Zdeněk
      (Czech Technical University in Prague, 2013)
      In this paper we introduce an in-hospital navigation system suitable for motor impaired, visually impaired and elderly people. GPS localisation and WiFi triangulation are often not suitable in indoor environments due to ...
    • VR and HCI Labs at the Czech Technical University in Prague 

      Author: Berka, Roman; Bittner, Jiří; Slavík, Pavel
      (Brazilian Computer Society - SBC, 2011)
      This paper describes the mission, objectives, and research directions of the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction of the Czech Technical University in Prague. It also gives a brief overview of the running research ...
    • Adaptive Global Visibility Sampling 

      Author: Bittner, Jiří; Mattausch, Oliver; Wonka, Peter; Havran, Vlastimil; Wimmer, Michael
      (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2009)
      In this paper we propose a global visibility algorithm which computes from-region visibility for all view cells simultaneously in a progressive manner. We cast rays to sample visibility interactions and use the information ...
    • Fast Insertion-Based Optimization of Bounding Volume Hierarchies 

      Author: Bittner, Jiří; Hapala, Michal; Havran, Vlastimil
      (Eurographics Association, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013-02)
      We present an algorithm for fast optimization of bounding volume hierarchies (BVH) for efficient ray tracing. We perform selective updates of the hierarchy driven by the cost model derived from the surface area heuristic. ...
    • Visibility-driven Mesh Analysis and Visualization through Graph Cuts 

      Author: Zhou, Kaichi; Zhang, Eugene; Bittner, Jiří; Wonka, Peter
      (IEEE Computer Society, 2008-11)
      In this paper we present an algorithm that operates on a triangular mesh and classifies each face of a triangle as either inside or outside. We present three example applications of this core algorithm: normal orientation, ...