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    • The effect of conductor permeability on electric current transducers 

      Author: Mirzaei, Mehran; Ripka, Pavel; Chirtsov, Andrey; Kašpar, Petr; Vyhnánek, Jan
      (American Institute of Physics, 2018)
      In this paper, experimental works and theoretical analysis are presented to analyze the influence of the conductor permeability on the precision of yokeless current sensors. The results of finite-element method (FEM) fit ...
    • Inductance position sensor for pneumatic cylinder 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Chirtsov, Andrey; Mirzaei, Mehran; Vyhnánek, Jan
      (American Institute of Physics, 2018)
      The position of the piston in pneumatic cylinder with aluminum wall can be measured by external inductance sensor without modifications of the aluminum piston and massive iron piston rod. For frequencies below 20 Hz the ...