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    • Advances in Magnetic Field Sensors 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Janošek, Michal
      (IEEE, 2010-06)
      The most important milestone in the field of magnetic sensors was when AMR sensors started to replace Hall sensors in many applications where the greater sensitivity of AMRs was an advantage. GMR and SDT sensors finally ...
    • Crossfield Sensitivity in AMR Sensors 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Janošek, Michal; Butta, Mattia
      (IEEE, 2009-10)
      We discuss the origin of the crossfield sensitivity of AMR sensors, the way how this error may influence the performance of an AMR compass and methods for its correction. Finally, we confirm the simple formulas experimentally. ...
    • Single-core fluxgate gradiometer with simultaneous gradient and homogeneous feedback operation 

      Author: Janošek, Michal; Ripka, Pavel; Ludwig, Frank; Schilling, Meinhard
      (American Institute of Physics, 2012-03-06)
      A novel configuration of a single-core gradiometer, utilizing both homogeneous and gradient feedback operation, is presented. The fluxgate gradiometer comprises of a standard pick-up/ feedback coil and an additional gradient ...