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    • Design and investigation of properties of nanocrystalline diamond optical planar waveguides 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Varga, Marian; Nekvindová, Pavla; Remeš, Zdeněk; Kromka, Alexander
      (Optical Society of America, 2013-04-08)
      Diamond thin films have remarkable properties comparable with natural diamond. Because of these properties it is a very promising material for many various applications (sensors, heat sink, optical mirrors, chemical and ...
    • Design and Modeling of Symmetric Three Branch Polymer Planar Optical Power Dividers 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Tůma, Hynek; Špirková, Jarmila; Jeřábek, Vítězslav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2013-04)
      Two types of polymer-based three-branch symmetric planar optical power dividers (splitters) were designed, multimode interference (MMI) splitter and triangular shape-spacing splitter. By means of modeling the real structures ...
    • Design of the Novel Wavelength Triplexer Using Multiple Polymer Microring Resonators 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Střílek, Eduard; Špirková, Jarmila; Jeřábek, Vítězslav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2012-04)
      We report about new design of wavelength triplexer using multiple polymer optical microring resonators. The triplexer consists of two downstream wavelength channels operating at 1490 ± 10 nm, 1555 ± 10 nm and one upstream ...
    • Design, Fabrication and Properties of Rib Poly(methylmethacrylimide) Optical Waveguides 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Klapuch, Jan; Lyutakov, Oleksiy; Hüttel, Ivan; Špirková, Jarmila; Nekvindová, Pavla; Jeřábek, Vítězslav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2011-06)
      We report about design, fabrication and properties of the polymer optical waveguides deposited on silica-on-silicon substrate. The design of the waveguides is based on a concept that geometric dimensions of the single mode ...
    • Design, Fabrication and Properties of the Multimode Polymer Planar 1 x 2 Y Optical Splitter 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Pham, Ngoc Kien; Špirková, Jarmila
      (Radioengineering Society, 2012-12)
      We report about design, fabrication and measurement of the properties of multimode 1 x 2 optical planar power splitter. The splitters were designed with help of OptiCAD software using ray tracing method. The dimensions ...
    • Optical Splitters Based on Self-Imaging Effect in Multi-Mode Waveguide Made by Ion Exchange in Glass 

      Author: Barkman, Ondřej; Jeřábek, Vítězslav; Prajzler, Václav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2013-04)
      Design and modeling of single mode optical multi-mode interference structures with graded refractive index is reported. Several samples of planar optical channel waveguides were obtained by Ag+↔Na+ and K+↔Na+ one step ...
    • Design of Polymer Wavelength Splitter 1310 nm/1550 nm Based on Multimode Interferences 

      Author: Prajzler, Václav; Lyutakov, Oleksiy; Hüttel, Ivan; Špirková, Jarmila; Jeřábek, Vítězslav
      (Radioengineering Society, 2010-12)
      We report about a design of 1x2 1310/1550 nm optical wavelength division multiplexer based on polymer waveguides. The polymer splitter was designed by using RSoft software based on beam propagation method. Epoxy novolak ...