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    • A common formalism for the integral formulations of the forward EEG problem 

      Author: Kybic, Jan; Clerc, Maureen; Abboud, Toufic; Faugeras, Olivier; Keriven, Renaud; Papadopoulo, Théo
      (IEEE, 2005-01)
      The forward electroencephalography (EEG) problem involves finding a potential V from the Poisson equation ∇·(σ∇V)=f, in which f represents electrical sources in the brain, and σ the conductivity of the head tissues. In the ...
    • The fast multipole method for the direct E/MEG problem 

      Author: Clerc, Maureen; Faugeras, Olivier; Keriven, Renaud; Kybic, Jan; Papadopoulo, Théo
      (IEEE, 2002)
      Reconstructing neuronal activity from MEG and EEG measurements requires the accurate calculation of the electromagnetic field inside the head. The boundary element formulation of this problem leads to a dense linear system ...