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    • Coupling of split ring resonators in a mu-negative volumetric metamaterial 

      Author: Macháč, J.; Zehentner, J.; Bláha, M.
      (IEEE, 2008-06)
      This paper presents an experimental and theoretical study of the coupling of split ring resonators, and aims to show ways to widen the frequency band of the response of mu-negative metamaterials. The behaviour of these ...
    • Isotropic Epsilon-Negative Particles 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Protiva, Pavel; Zehentner, Ján
      (IEEE, 2007-06)
      This paper presents two particles with negative permittivity in some frequency band. The response of a single dipole loaded by an inductance is strongly anisotropic. The response of a spider dipole does not depend on the ...