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    • Bandpass Filters on a Modified Multilayer Coplanar Line 

      Author: Balalem, Atallah; Hamad, Ehab K. I.; Macháč, Jan; Omar, Abbas S.
      (IEEE, 2006-06)
      The design of compact multilayer coplanar line bandpass filters is presented. These very compact filters make use of the two sides of the substrate of the modified coplanar line. In addition, a transmission zero has been ...
    • Quasi-Elliptic Microstrip Low-Pass Filters Using an Interdigital DGS Slot 

      Author: Balalem, Atallah; Ali, Ali R.; Macháč, Jan; Omar, Abbas
      (IEEE, 2007-08)
      This letter introduces a DGS slot with an interdigital shape. The resonant frequency of the slot can be easily controlled by changing the length of the metal fingers, without changing the area taken by the structure. Using ...