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    • Calculation of High Frequency 4-TP Impedance Standards 

      Author: Vojáčková L.; Kučera J.; Hromádka J.; Boháček J.
      (IEEE Conference Publications, 2016)
      This paper deals with methods for calculating frequency characteristics of high frequency four-terminal-pair coaxial impedance standards. An analytical calculation for coaxial resistance and capacitance ...
    • Characterization of a precision modular sinewave generator 

      Author: Kučera J.; Kováč J.; Palafox L.; Behr R.; Vojáčková L.
      (IOP Publishing, 2020)
      At the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) we have developed a precision modular sinewave generator for impedance ratio bridges. The generator was developed to improve previously available designs regarding amplitude and phase ...
    • A Reconfigurable Four Terminal-Pair Digitally Assisted and Fully Digital Impedance Ratio Bridge 

      Author: Kučera J.; Kováč J.
      (IEEE, 2018)
      A reconfigurable digital bridge for calibrating four terminal-pair (4-TP) defined impedance standards in the whole complex impedance plane by means of fully digital (FD) operation of the bridge and for R-R, C-C calibration ...