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    • Application of Krylov reduction technique for a machine tool multibody modelling 

      Author: Sulitka M.; Šindler J.; Sušeň J.; Smolík J.
      (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2014)
      Quick calculation of machine tool dynamic response represents one of major requirements for machine tool virtual modelling and virtual machining, aiming at simulating the machining process performance, quality and precision ...
    • Comparison of predictive direct power control methods for grid-connected converter in B4 configuration 

      Author: Valouch V.; Simek P.
      (Technical University of Košice, 2019)
      A model predictive direct power control of the three-phase converter with only four converter branches (B4) connected to an unbalanced grid is introduced. The developed infinite-control-set and usual finite-control-set MP ...
    • Coupled modeling for machine tool structural optimization 

      Author: Sulitka M.; Šindler J.; Sušeň J.
      (Ed. Inst. of the Wroclaw Board of Scientific Technical Societies Federation NOT, 2014)
      Effective machine tool design needs to take into account various kinematic configurations and possible combinations of structural parts, which meet the requirements of both the structural properties on one hand and technology ...