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    • The 1st EuMCE 2019 Special Issue 

      Author: Macháč J.; Švanda M.; Vrba J.
      (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
      The best EuMCE 2019 conference contributions were invited to submit an extended version to the IJMWT journal. These works went through an additional review and editorial process. The selected papers reflect the most relevant ...
    • Chipless RFID Tag with Enhanced RCS Used as a Phthalocyanine-Based Solvent Vapors Sensor 

      Author: Švanda M.; Macháč J.; Polívka M.; Havlová Š.; Fitl P.; Vrňata M.
      (IEEE, 2020)
      A novel uniplanar chipless RFID solvent vapors/gas sensor is proposed in this paper. The sensor etched on an extremely thin capton substrate is composed of the folded dipole resonator loaded by the interdigital capacitor ...
    • Design of a flat-type magnetic position sensor using a finite-difference method 

      Author: Mirzaei M.; Macháč J.; Ripka P.; Chirtsov A.; Vyhnánek J.; Grim V.
      (The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2020)
      This study presents an analysis and the design of a new flat-type position sensor with an external armature. One excitation coil and two antiserially connected pickup coils are used in the stationary part. Solid iron ...
    • Platform Tolerant, High Encoding Capacity Dipole Array-Plate Chipless RFID Tags 

      Author: Švanda M.; Polívka M.; Havlíček J.; Macháč J.; Werner D.H.
      (IEEE, 2019)
      In this paper, we first carry out an in-depth review of the performance parameters of frequency domain chipless RFID transponders in terms of their spatial density, spectral capacity, and comprehensive encoding capacity ...