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    • Age-related changes in longitudinal prestress in human abdominal aorta 

      Author: Horný L.; Adámek T.; Žitný R.
      (Springer Science+Business Media, 2013)
      Studies on the influence of aging on the longitudinal mechanical response of elastic arteries are rare, though longitudinal behavior may have a significant effect on pressure pulse transmission. Our study was designed to ...
    • Constitutive modeling of human saphenous veins at overloading pressures 

      Author: Veselý J.; Horný L.; Chlup H.; Adámek T.; Krajíček M.; Žitný R.
      (Elsevier Science, 2015)
      In the present study, inflation tests with free axial extension of 15 human vena saphena magna were conducted ex vivo to obtain data suitable for multi-axial constitutive modeling at overloading conditions (pressures up ...
    • Preservation of tangent modulus of pericardial tissue during cold storage 

      Author: Gultová E.; Horný L.; Chlup H.; Žitný R.; Adámek T.; Kulvajtová M.
      (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
      We have performed uniaxial tensile tests with human pericardium in order to identify the effect of a storage time on the passive mechanical response. Mechanical response was modelled using simple Fung´s type form of the ...