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    • Efficient Neutron Production from a Novel Configuration of Deuterium Gas-Puff Z-Pinch 

      Author: Klír, Daniel; Kubeš, P.; Řezáč, K.; Cikhardt, J.; Kravárik, J.; Šíla, O.; Shishlov, A.; Kovalchuk, B.
      (American Physical Society, 2014)
      A novel configuration of a deuterium z pinch has been used to generate fusion neutrons. Injecting an outer hollow cylindrical plasma shell around an inner deuterium gas puff, neutron yields from DD reactions reached Y-n = ...
    • Efficient neutron production from sub-nanosecond laser pulse accelerating deuterons 

      Author: Klír. D.; Krasa, J.; Cikhardt, J.; Dudzak, R.; Krousky, E.; Pfeifer, M; Řezáč, K.; Šíla, O.
      (AIP Publishing, 2015)
      Neutron-producing experiments have been carried out on the Prague Asterix Laser System. At the fundamental wavelength of 1.315 μm, the laser pulse of a 600 J energy and 300 ps duration was focused on a thick deuterated-p ...