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    • A Two-Way Metamodeling Approach in Web Engineering 

      Author: Xhevi Qafmolla; Supervisor: Richta, Karel; Merunka, Vojtěch
      This dissertation thesis introduces a new model-driven approach in Web engineering that aims to decrease the communication gap between stakeholders during the early phases of the project and reduce the development e ort ...
    • Model Driven Application and Database Co-Evolution 

      Author: Macek, Ondřej; Supervisor: Richta, Karel
    • Model Transformation Approach to Automated Model Driven Development 

      Author: Viet Cuong Nguyen; Supervisor: Richta, Karel
      One of the contemporary challenges of software evolution is to adapt a software system to the changing of requirements and demands from users and environments. An ultimate goal is to encapsulate these requirements into ...
    • XML Transactions 

      Author: Strnad, Pavel; Supervisor: Richta, Karel; Valenta, Michal