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    • Scene text localization and recognition in images and videos 

      Autor: Neumann, Lukáš; Vedoucí práce: Matas, Jiří
      Scene Text Localization and Recognition methods nd all areas in an image or a video that would be considered as text by a human, mark boundaries of the areas and output a sequence of characters associated with its ...
    • Identification of femtocells in mobile networks 

      Autor: Sedláček, Marek; Vedoucí práce: Bešťák, Robert
      The evolving mobile networks are requested to convey increasing data traffic as popularity of online services together with affordability of mobile devices is growing. One solution to mobile carriers, which can help them ...
    • Enhancement of the selected management and planning quality control tools 

      Autor: Povolotskaya, Evgenia; Vedoucí práce: Mach, Pavel; Žák, Vratislav
      A detailed analysis of three management and planning quality control tools – affinity diagram, arrow diagram and process decision program chart – was performed. Then fuzzy logic was used for increase the yield of information ...
    • HVDC circuit breakers modeling in multiterminal grids 

      Autor: Yanushkevich, Alexander; Vedoucí práce: Tlustý, Josef
      Transition towards sustainable energy systems lead to transformation of the existing electrical power grids. One of the key enabling technologies for this transformation is high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology ...
    • Short-Term Visual Object Tracking in Real-Time 

      Autor: Vojíř, Tomáš; Vedoucí práce: Matas, Jiří
      In the thesis, we propose two novel short-term object tracking methods, the Flock of Trackers (FoT) and the Scale-Adaptive Mean-Shift (ASMS), a framework for fusion of multiple trackers and detector and contributions to ...
    • Strategie řízení pulzně řízených měničů za přítomnosti rušivých složek v síti 

      Autor: Bejvl, Martin; Vedoucí práce: Valouch, Viktor
      The doctoral thesis is focused on the issue of instantaneous active and non-active power control of electronic power converters connected to the grid, which should work reliably even in case of unsymmetrical grid and/or ...
    • Multi-view Facial Landmark Detection 

      Autor: Uřičář, Michal; Vedoucí práce: Franc, Vojtěch
      In this thesis, we tackle the problem of designing a multi-view facial landmark detector which is robust and works in real-time on low-end hardware. Our landmark detector is an instance of the structured output classi ...
    • Multi-Agent Planning by Plan Set Intersection 

      Autor: Tožička, Jan; Vedoucí práce: Pěchouček, Michal; Komenda, Antonín
      Coordination of a team of cooperative agents and their activities towards fulfillment of goals is described by multi-agent planning. For deterministic environments, where agents are not willing to share all their knowledge, ...
    • Place Recognition by Per-Location Classifiers 

      Autor: Gronát, Petr; Vedoucí práce: Pajdla, Tomáš; Šivic, Josef
      Place recognition is formulated as a task of finding the location where the query image was captured. This is an important task that has many practical applications in robotics, autonomous driving, augmented reality, 3D ...
    • Vliv úsporných opatření v budovách na cenu tepla dodávaného z CZT 

      Autor: Macholda, František; Vedoucí práce: Knápek, Jaroslav
      Tato práce se zabývá metodikou pro systémový pohled na vliv úspor tepla na celkový systém CZT a připojených odběratelů. Cílem bylo nalezení vhodného nástroje pro posouzení možných dopadů vyššího rozšíření různých opatření ...
    • Intelligent Distribution Systems with Dispersed Electricity Generation 

      Autor: Fandi, Ghaeth; Vedoucí práce: Švec, Jan; Tlustý, Josef
      The huge wind energy resource represents a potential to use wind farms to power vast area of the earth with renewable energy. Many wind farm concepts have been proposed, but much work still need to be done on Intelligent ...
    • Response Time Improvement of Multimodal Interactive Systems 

      Autor: Hák, Roman; Vedoucí práce: Zeman, Tomáš
      Multimodal interaction, permitting our highly skilled and coordinated communicative behavior to control computer systems, has been proven as a key to natural and very flexible human-computer interaction. However, ...
    • Stanovení hodnoty zákazníka na trhu B2B 

      Autor: Horák, Pavel; Vedoucí práce: Tomek, Gustav
      Žijeme v turbulentní době doprovázené neustálými změnami podnikatelského prostředí. Firmy operují na trzích, které jsou charakteristické stále se zostřujícím konkurenčním prostředím. To klade před marketingové manažery ...
    • Optimalizace protokolů v mobilních sítích 

      Autor: Kalfus, Radim; Vedoucí práce: Chod, Jiří
      Cílem práce je optimalizace protokolů v mobilních sítích, zejména se zaměřením na sítě LPWAN. Práce zkoumá a navrhuje novou metodu SIGFOX-SFH a nový algoritmus SIGFOX-AFH určené pro LPWAN protokoly z prostředí internetu ...
    • Local navigation methods for metal detectors 

      Autor: Nováček, Petr; Vedoucí práce: Ripka, Pavel; Roháč, Jan
      This dissertation addresses the implementation of navigation capabilities for metal detection, in particular landmines. The precise aim of this thesis is to find a professional handheld metal detector search head ...

      Autor: Škoda, Pavel; Vedoucí práce: Zvánovec, Stanislav; Radil, Jan
    • Analysis of disfluency in pathological speech 

      Autor: Lustyk, Tomáš; Vedoucí práce: Čmejla, Roman
    • Example-based Rendering of Hand-drawn Content 

      Autor: Fišer, Jakub; Vedoucí práce: Sýkora, Daniel
      In this dissertation, we focus on the capabilities of example-based synthesis with a particular interest in hand-drawn appearance. We propose several approaches for creating new digital imagery from examples without ...
    • Distributed algorithms for Wireless Physical Layer Network Coding self-organisation in cloud communication networks 

      Autor: Hynek, Tomáš; Vedoucí práce: Sýkora, Jan
      Communication networks of present-days are growing in complexity to follow a never-ending demand for fast, smooth, energy efficient and cheap connection. This demand is a driving force of new technologies. Two of them ...
    • Impact of IP Chanel Parameters on the Final Quality of the Transferred Voice 

      Autor: Slavata, Oldřich; Vedoucí práce: Holub, Jan
      The subject of this dissertation is the measurement of quality of voice transmission over IP networks. Development in digitization, encoding and transmission of the speech is very fast, as well as the development of ...