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      Quad, all-terrain vehicle, quad-bike, drivetrain, gearbox, four wheel drive, the interaxle clutch, axle differential, limited slip axle differential [1]
      Quad, terénní čtyřkolové vozidlo, čtyřkolka, převodové ústrojí, převodovka, pohon 4WD, mezinápravová spojka, diferenciál, svorný diferenciál [1]
      races [1]
      racing vehicle,rally,chassis,body,engine,gear box,gradation,FIA,ČMPR [1]
      Rack and pinion steering, Bevel steering gear, Steering column, Topology optimization, Formula Student, CTU CarTech [1]
      Rail bus,PTO shaft,Cardan shaft,Hook's joint,Design concept of PTO shaft,Traction drive,Traction characteristic,Equivalent load,Angular deflection [1]
      Rail transport [1]
      Rail transport,railway systems,unconventional railway systems,trains,railway,tracks [1]
      rail vehicle [1]
      Rail vehicle, lowfloor tram, traction bogie, flexible frame, weight evaluation, dynamics, change of wheel forces [1]
      Railbus, suspension, helical springs [1]
      railway bus,wheel set,axle,outer frame,inner frame,fatigue limit,reduced tension,weight [1]
      Railway vehicle, driving wheelset, axle, wheel, reduced moment, reduced stress, pressed joint [1]
      railway vehicle,tramway,a PTO shaft,PTO draft shaft,traction drive traction characteristics equivalent load,angle of deflection [1]
      railway vehicles [1]
      Railway vehicles, roller rig, kinematics, track [1]
      Rallye [1]
      rameno [1]
      range extender, fuel cell, microturbine, SOFC, electric vehicle, electric bus, hybrid drivetrain [1]
      Range Extender,internal combustion engine,brake specific fuel consumption,optimization,model [1]