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      Crisis management,prisons in the Czech Republic,explosives,improvised explosive device,dangerous zone [1]
      crisis manager, education, knowledge and skills of crisis manager, real requirements of a practice [1]
      Crisis plan,readiness for crisis,emergency state,healthcare institutions [1]
      Crisis planning,plan of emergency prepardness,education facilities,crisis [1]
      Crisis preparedness,Emergency Medical Services,Criteria,Crisis situation,Plan for crisis preparedness [1]
      Crisis preparedness,flood,flood protection,flood plan [1]
      Crisis situation [1]
      crisis situation [1]
      Crisis Situation, Operations Centre, Emergency Line, Pegasus [1]
      Crisis situation,crisis communication,crisis negotiation,crisis,Police of the Czech republic,first psychic help [1]
      Crisis situation,evacuation,blackout,emergency,the crisis plan of the Central Bohemian Region [1]
      crisis situations [1]
      Crisis situations,Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic,Army of Czech Republic,cooperation,Forces and resources [1]
      Crisis situations,Extraordinary situations,Preventive educational activities,Crisis legislation,Civil protection [1]
      Crisis, crisis in company, crisis management, crisis management tools, Turnaround strategy [1]
      crisis, emergency situation, crisis management, crisis communication [1]
      crisis, emergency, crisis intervention, stress, communications [1]
      Crisis,negotiation,prison staff,offender,juvenile inmates,mental retardation,offender of violent and punishable activity [1]
      Criteria [1]
      criteria [4]