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    • Calibration of burdens for instrument transformers 

      Author: Draxler K.; Ulvr M.; Styblikova R.; Hlaváček J.
      (IEEE, 2020)
      The first part of this paper deals with the influence of burden accuracy on the errors of current and voltage instrument transformers. The requirement stated in the prepared standard, corresponding to a tolerance of burden ...
    • Results of an International Comparison of Instrument Current Transformers up to 10 kA at 50 Hz Frequency 

      Author: Draxler K.; Styblikova R.; Hlaváček J.; Rietveld G.
      (IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, 2018)
      Traceability of the current ratio is crucial for the measurement of electrical energy in revenue metering. A comparison of the AC current ratio was therefore performed within EURAMET in the time period 2012-2016, using a ...