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    • Automatic FPGA based implementation of a classification tree 

      Author: Mitéran, J.; Matas, J.; Dubois, J.; Bourennane, E.
      (IEEE, 2004)
      We propose a method of automatic hardware implementation of a decision rule based on the Adaboost algorithm. We review the principles of the classification method and we evaluate its hardware implementation cost in term ...
    • Visualization of leaky waves on planar transmission lines 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Zehentner, Ján; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      This paper presents a visualization of leaky waves excited by delta-gap sources on planar transmission lines, namely the 2nd surface and space leaky modes on the slotline, and the dominant and surface leaky modes on the ...
    • AdaBoost with Totally Corrective Updates for Fast Face Detection 

      Author: Šochman, Jan; Matas, Jiří
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      An extension of the AdaBoost learning algorithm is proposed and brought to bear on the face detection problem. In each weak classifier selection cycle, the novel totally corrective algorithm reduces aggressively the upper ...
    • Fabrication of AI203 and AIN thin films by reactive sputtering and its optimization using DOE 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Kolářová, Jana
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      Thin films of Al2O3 and AlN have been fabricated by reactive sputtering using magnetron sputtering equipment. A mixture of Ar and O2 has been used for the fabrication of Al2O3 films, and a mixture of Ar and N2 has been ...
    • Testing of Normality of Data Files for Application of SPC Tools 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Hochlová, Hana
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      Different types of statistical tests have been used for evaluation of the normality of selected data files. The files have been simulated to be on the border of normality. The results of the tests have been compared. It ...
    • Influence of trimming of resistive thick films on nonlinearity of their current vs. voltage characteristics 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Svasta, Pavel
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      Investigation of changes of nonlinearity of thick resistive films, trimmed by laser and by grinding, has been carried out. Laser trimming has been realized by an Ar laser, mechanical trimming by grinding of the layer by a ...
    • Dispersion Characteristics of the Dominant Mode on a Completely Shielded Conductor-Backed Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2004-06)
      This paper presents an analysis of a completely shielded conductor-backed slotline using the spectral domain technique. Attention is paid to dominant and higher order modes with even symmetry of the transversal electric ...
    • Radial Radon Transform dedicated to Micro-object Localization from Radio Frequency Ultrasound Signal 

      Author: Barva, Martin; Kybic, Jan; Mari, Jean-Martial; Cachard, Christian
      (IEEE, 2004-08)
      In this paper we describe a method for automatic electrode localization in soft tissue from a radiofrequency signal. The method exploits a property of the Radon transform (RT) that allows us to localize a line-segment in ...
    • Inter-stage Feature Propagation in Cascade Building with AdaBoost 

      Author: Šochman, Jan; Matas, Jiří
      (IEEE, 2004-08)
      A modification of the cascaded detector with the Ada-Boost trained stage classifiers is proposed and brought to bear on the face detection problem. The cascaded detector is a sequential classifier with the ability of early ...
    • Epipolar Geometry Estimation via RANSAC Benefits from the Oriented Epipolar Constraint 

      Author: Chum, Ondřej; Werner, Tomáš; Matas, Jiří
      (IEEE, 2004-08)
      The efficiency of epipolar geometry estimation by RANSAC is improved by exploiting the oriented epipolar constraint. Performance evaluation shows that the enhancement brings up to a two-fold speed-up. The orientation test ...
    • High-Dimensional Mutual Information Estimation For Image Registration 

      Author: Kybic, Jan
      (IEEE, 2004-10)
      We present a new algorithm for mutual information estimation for image registration based on the nearest neighbor entropy estimator of Kozachenko and Leonenko. We modify the algorithm to be numerically robust and computationally ...
    • A New Concept of PTP Vector Network Analyzer 

      Author: Závodný, Vadim; Hoffmann, Karel; Škvor, Zbyněk
      (IEEE, 2004-12)
      A new concept for vector network analyzers design based on a perturbation two-port (PTP) is presented. The approach uses redundant states of the PTP. The best states of the PTP for a certain place in Smith chart and frequency ...
    • First results of microwave measurement of broadband radio interference filters 

      Author: Hoffmann, Karel; Škvor, Zbyněk
      (IEEE, 2004-12)
      A vector measurement method for testing multiport interference filters for shielded chambers has been used. Measured data up to 3 GHz are presented. The authors believe that this is the first time such results have been published.
    • Ontology Driven Voice-Based Interaction in Mobile Environment 

      Author: Kopsa, Jiří; Míkovec, Zdeněk; Slavík, Pavel
      (Schloss Dagstuhl International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science, 2005)
      In this paper we are presenting a prototype of a voice user interface that allows users to interact with the mobile knowledge management system, which is being developed at Czech Technical University in Prague. The primary ...
    • Influence of Interconnection Surface Finishes on Quality of Adhesive Joints 

      Author: Mach, P.; Bušek, D.; Duraj, A.
      (IEEE, 2005)
      Electrically conductive adhesives electrically connect and mechanically bond circuits to a variety of substrates. Four different silver-filled isotropically conductive adhesives have been used for attaching of 1206 chip ...
    • Central Elements of Atomic E ect Algebras 

      Author: Tkadlec, Josef
    • A common formalism for the integral formulations of the forward EEG problem 

      Author: Kybic, Jan; Clerc, Maureen; Abboud, Toufic; Faugeras, Olivier; Keriven, Renaud; Papadopoulo, Théo
      (IEEE, 2005-01)
      The forward electroencephalography (EEG) problem involves finding a potential V from the Poisson equation ∇·(σ∇V)=f, in which f represents electrical sources in the brain, and σ the conductivity of the head tissues. In the ...
    • Processing of Alumina Nano-films 

      Author: Mach, P.; Rozkošný, T.
      (IEEE, 2005-05)
      There are different technologies for processing of alumina thin films. It has been found that only some of them are usable for reliable and reproducible processing of nano-films with the thickness of 2 through 3 nm. Such ...
    • Flat Waveguide with a Longitudinal Slot 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Mrkvica, Jan; Macháč, Jan
      (IEEE, 2005-06)
      This paper presents an analysis of a flat slotted waveguide by the spectral domain method finalized by a complex root search procedure. Matching of fields from bounded and unbounded regions at the common interface is ...
    • Left-Handed Coplanar Waveguide 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Hudlička, Martin; Zehentner, Ján; Spiliotis, Nikolaos G.; Omar, Abbas S.
      (IEEE, 2005-06)
      This paper proposes a new version of a left-handed coplanar waveguide. The line has a fully uniplanar structure without vias and lumped elements. The series capacitors are represented by interdigital capacitors and the ...