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    • Even and Odd Modes on a Conductor-Backed Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2002-09)
    • Model Selection for Automated Architectural Reconstruction from Multiple Views 

      Author: Werner, Tomáš; Zisserman, Andrew
      (British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2002-09)
      We describe progress in automatically fitting a plane plus modelled perturbation surface model to represent architectural scenes. There are two areas of novelty. The first is a method of fitting parametrized models in which ...
    • Transient Effects on High Voltage Diode Stack under Reverse Bias 

      Author: Papež, V.; Kojecký, B.; Kožíšek, J.; Hejhal, J.
      This article deals with a description and analysis of the fast transient processes which can occur during a local non-destructive breakdown in a circuit arranged by serial connection of reverse biased high-voltage silicon ...
    • Influence of chemical composition on dielectric properties of Al2O3 and ZrO2 plasma deposits 

      Author: Ctibor, Pavel
      Aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and their mixture were plasma sprayed by a water-stabilized plasma gun. Resulting deposits were studied as dielectrics. Capacity and loss factor were measured for the frequency range 200–106 ...
    • Dielectric relaxation in calcium titanate-containing ceramics prepared by plasma spraying 

      Author: Ctibor, Pavel
      The relative permittivity and loss factor frequency dependence in a weak electric field of plasma sprayed perovskite and ilminite polycrystalline ceramic materials—pure synthetic calcium titanate, as well as magnesium ...
    • On the Interaction between Object Recognition and Colour Constancy 

      Author: Obdržálek, Štěpán; Matas, Jiří; Chum, Ondřej
      (IEEE, 2003)
      In this paper we investigate some aspects of the interaction between colour constancy and object recognition. We demonstrate that even under severe changes of illumination, many objects are reliably recognised if relying ...
    • Multimethod machine learning approach for medical diagnosing 

      Author: Lenič, M.; Povalej, P.; Zorman, M.; Podgorelec, V.; Kokol, P.; Lhotská, Lenka
      (IEEE, 2003-04)
      In this paper we present a multimethod approach for induction of a specific class of classifiers, which can assist physicians in medical diagnosing in the case of mitral valve prolapse. Mitral valve prolapse is one of the ...
    • Degradation of Adhesive Bonds with Short Current Pulses 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Ješ, Josef; Papež, Václav
      (IEEE, 2003-05)
      Degradation of adhesive bonds powered by rectangular very short current pulses of the width of 1 μs and frequency of 1 kHz of high amplitude has been examined. The amplitudes of the pulses have been 5 and 10 A. Power ...
    • Modes on the Standard and Inverted Conductor-Backed Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Mrkvica, Jan; Tuzi, Carlo
      (IEEE, 2003-06)
      This paper recalls modes which can propagate on the conductor-backed slotline. The characteristic of the dominant mode on the CBSL is documented. The ICBSL is a modification of the CBSL placed in a dielectric with permittivity ...
    • Number of arrhythmia beats determination in Holter electrocardiogram: How many clusters? 

      Author: Novák, Daniel; Cuesta-Frau, D.; Mico Tormos, P.; Lhotská, Lenka
      (IEEE, 2003-09)
      Holter signals correspond to long-term electrocardiograph (ECG) registers. Manual inspection of such signals is difficult because of the enormous quantity of beats involved. Throughout the literature several methods of ...
    • Joint Orientation of Epipoles 

      Author: Chum, Ondřej; Werner, Tomáš; Pajdla, Tomáš
      (British Machine Vision Association, 2003-09)
      It is known that epipolar constraint can be augmented with orientation by formulating it in the oriented projective geometry. This oriented epipolar constraint requires knowing the orientations (signs of overall scales) ...
    • The Inverted Conductor-Backed Slotline - a Challenge to Antenna and Circuit Design 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Mrkvica, Jan; Tuzi, Carlo
      (IEEE, 2003-10)
      The characteristics of modes on the conductor-backed slotline, the inverted conductor-backed slotline and on its modification in which the top dielectric layer with higher permittivity has a finite thickness, are presented ...
    • Fast Parametric Elastic Image Registration 

      Author: Kybic, Jan; Unser, Michael
      (IEEE, 2003-11)
      We present an algorithm for fast elastic multidimensional intensity-based image registration with a parametric model of the deformation. It is fully automatic in its default mode of operation. In the case of hard real-world ...
    • On radio interference filter measurement 

      Author: Hoffmann, Karel; Škvor, Zbyněk
      (IEEE, 2003-12)
      A new measurement method for on site testing of multiport radio interference filters (RIF) on shielded chamber is designed. The method is based on scalar measurement only and makes possible a pessimistic estimate of the ...
    • Wideband VIP power divider with differential output 

      Author: Sokol, V.; Hoffmann, K.; Škvor, Z.
      (IEEE, 2003-12)
      A novel wideband VIP power divider with out of phase outputs was designed and experimentally verified. The phase difference 180° ±5° and the amplitude difference ± 0.8 dB of output signals were achieved in 4-26 GHz frequency ...
    • Central Elements of Effect Algebras 

      Author: Tkadlec, Josef
    • Automatic FPGA based implementation of a classification tree 

      Author: Mitéran, J.; Matas, J.; Dubois, J.; Bourennane, E.
      (IEEE, 2004)
      We propose a method of automatic hardware implementation of a decision rule based on the Adaboost algorithm. We review the principles of the classification method and we evaluate its hardware implementation cost in term ...
    • Visualization of leaky waves on planar transmission lines 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Zehentner, Ján; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      This paper presents a visualization of leaky waves excited by delta-gap sources on planar transmission lines, namely the 2nd surface and space leaky modes on the slotline, and the dominant and surface leaky modes on the ...
    • AdaBoost with Totally Corrective Updates for Fast Face Detection 

      Author: Šochman, Jan; Matas, Jiří
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      An extension of the AdaBoost learning algorithm is proposed and brought to bear on the face detection problem. In each weak classifier selection cycle, the novel totally corrective algorithm reduces aggressively the upper ...
    • Fabrication of AI203 and AIN thin films by reactive sputtering and its optimization using DOE 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Kolářová, Jana
      (IEEE, 2004-05)
      Thin films of Al2O3 and AlN have been fabricated by reactive sputtering using magnetron sputtering equipment. A mixture of Ar and O2 has been used for the fabrication of Al2O3 films, and a mixture of Ar and N2 has been ...