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    • Thomson Parabola Spectrometer for Energetic Ions Emitted from Subns Laser Generated Plasmas 

      Author: Cutroneo , Mariapompea; Torrisi , Lorenzo; Ando’ , Lucio; Cavallaro , Salvatore; Ullschmied , Jiri; Krasa , Josef; Margarone , Daniele; Velyhan , Andreji; Pfeifer , Miroslav
      (České vysoké učení technické v PrazeCzech Technical University in Prague, 2013)
      Laser-generated plasmas were obtained in high vacuum by irradiating micrometric thin films (Au, Au/Mylar, Mylar) with the Asterix laser at the PALS Research Infrastructure in Prague. Irradiations at the fundamental wavelength, ...