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    • Unwarping of Unidirectionally Distorted EPI Images 

      Author: Kybic, Jan; Thévenaz, Philippe; Nirkko, Arto; Unser, Michael
      (IEEE, 2000-02)
      Echo-planar imaging (EPI) is a fast nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method. Unfortunately, local magnetic field inhomogeneities induced mainly by the subject's presence cause significant geometrical distortion, ...
    • New Space Leaky Wave Spectrum Components on the Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan
      (IEEE, 2000-10)
      Surface and space leakage of power deteriorates the operation of circuits. On the other hand space leaky waves enable the design of specific radiators. In this paper we therefore investigate the potential of the slotline ...
    • Leaky Wave Radiation of a Printed Slotline Antenna 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Lorenz, Petr; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2001)
      This paper presents a theoretical prediction of the field radiated from a uniplanar slotline antenna operating with the leaky wave. Discussion on a possible spectrum of space leaky waves is opened. Several antennas and ...
    • Space Leakage of Power from the Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Lorenz, Petr
      (IEEE, 2001)
      In this paper we present the comprehensive dispersion characteristics of the slotline on thin and low permittivity substrate with a wide slotwidth comprising the bound and space leaky waves with even and odd electric field ...
    • Face Verification Using Error Correcting Output Codes 

      Author: Kittler, J.; Ghaderi, R.; Windeatt, T.; Matas, J.
      (IEEE, 2001)
      The error correcting output coding (ECOC) approach to classifier design decomposes a multi-class problem into a set of complementary two-class problems. We show how to apply the ECOC concept to automatic face verification, ...
    • Utilization of the Seven Ishikawa Tools (Old Tools) in the Six Sigma Strategy 

      Author: Mach, Pavel; Guáqueta, Jessica
      (IEEE, 2001)
      Statistical process control (SPC) has become one of the most important applications of statistics in the electronics industry. It covers a variety of tools, and it can be considered that the seven Ishikawa (“old”) tools, ...
    • Dielectric properties of plasma sprayed titanates 

      Author: Ctibor, Pavel
      This paper presents the study of the dielectric properties of three plasma-deposited titanates. The deposits were prepared from powders with the same starting composition as industrially produced dielectric ceramics. ...
    • Gradient based progressive probabilistic Hough transform 

      Author: Galambos, C.; Kittler, J.; Matas, J.
      (IEEE/IET, 2001-06)
      The authors look at the benefits of exploiting gradient information to enhance the progressive probabilistic Hough transform (PPHT). It is shown that using the angle information in controlling the voting process and in ...
    • Giant Magnetoimpedance Sensors 

      Author: Hauser, Hans; Kraus, Luděk; Ripka, Pavel
      (IEEE, 2001-06)
      Magnetoinductance and giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) sensors have greatly benefited from the development of amorphous wires. These soft ferromagnetic substances exhibit exquisite sensitivity (in the nT range) and wide bandwidth ...
    • Stability of FDTD in Curvilinear Coordinates 

      Author: Pauk, Lukáš; Škvor, Zbyněk
      (IEEE, 2001-07)
      A new approach suitable for determination of the maximal stable time step for the finite-difference time domain (FDTD) algorithm in curvilinear coordinates is presented. It is based on a modified variable separation method, ...
    • Active Resonator 

      Author: Hoffmann, Karel; Škvor, Zbyněk
      (IEEE, 2001-07)
      A new electrical component-active resonator-is designed. The component consists of a common passive resonant circuit whose losses are compensated by an extra active circuit. Experimental verification was done with a TE/sub ...
    • Pulse Excitation of Micro-Fluxgate Sensors 

      Author: Ripka, Pavel; Choi, San On; Tipek, Alois; Kawahito, Shoji; Ishida, Makoto
      (IEEE, 2001-07)
      Miniature fluxgate sensors with symmetrical closed core elements on both sides of the planar coils were manufactured using standard microtechnology. The new sensors have shown substantial improvement over the standard ...
    • Planar Slot-Patch Antenna 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Lorenz, Petr; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2001-09)
      This paper discusses investigations of leaky wave radiation from the slotline made on a low permittivity substrate. New findings on the field distribution of the space leaky wave propagating on a slotline with a wide slot ...
    • Novel Selected Modes on the Conductor - Backed Slotline 

      Author: Zehentner, Ján; Macháč, Jan; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2002)
      This paper presents a detailed full-wave analysis of the conductor-backed slotline. The occurrence of an even dominant mode is revealed. This mode may propagate alone from dc up to the frequency at which the first leaky ...
    • Wide-Slotted Printed Slotline Radiator 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Zehentner, Ján; Lorenz, Petr; Mrkvica, Jan
      (IEEE, 2002)
      This paper summarizes the investigation of radiation from the slotline made on a thin low permittivity substrate. The slot radiates the space leaky wave of the first order. The dispersion characteristic of this wave is ...
    • Colour-Based Object Recognition for Video Annotation 

      Author: Koubaroulis, Dirnitrios; Matas, Jiří; Kittler, Josef
      (IEEE, 2002)
      We propose a colour-based object recognition method for video annotation. The semantic gap between image measurements and symbolic labelling is bridged by assuming the existence of objects whose appearance can be associated ...
    • Local Affine Frames for Wide-Baseline Stereo 

      Author: Matas, Jiří; Obdržálek, Štěpán; Chum, Ondřej
      (IEEE, 2002)
      A novel procedure for establishing wide-baseline correspondence is introduced. Tentative correspondences are established by matching photometrically normalised colour measurements represented in a local affine frame. The ...
    • The fast multipole method for the direct E/MEG problem 

      Author: Clerc, Maureen; Faugeras, Olivier; Keriven, Renaud; Kybic, Jan; Papadopoulo, Théo
      (IEEE, 2002)
      Reconstructing neuronal activity from MEG and EEG measurements requires the accurate calculation of the electromagnetic field inside the head. The boundary element formulation of this problem leads to a dense linear system ...
    • Comments on Representation of Surface Leaky Waves on Uniplanar Transmission Lines 

      Author: Macháč, Jan; Zehentner, Ján
      (IEEE, 2002-02)
      This paper compares partial waves approximating a surface leaky wave on a uniplanar transmission line with substrate surface waves supported by its substrate. It is shown that their field distributions and the propagation ...
    • Generalized Sampling: A Variational Approach. Part I: Theory 

      Author: Kybic, Jan; Blu, Thierry; Unser, Michael
      (IEEE, 2002-08)
      We consider the problem of reconstructing a multidimensional vector function fin: Rm→Rn from a finite set of linear measures. These can be irregularly sampled responses of several linear filters. Traditional approaches ...