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    • Comparison of face verification results on the XM2VTS database 

      Author: Matas, J.; Hamouz, M.; Jonsson, K.; Kittler, J.; Li, Y.; Kotropoulos, C.; Tefas, A.; Pitas, I.; Teewoon Tan; Hong Yan; Smeraldi, F.; Bigun, J.; Capdevielle, N.; Gerstner, W.; Ben-Yacoub, S.; Abdeljaoued, Y.; Mayoraz, E.
      (IEEE, 2000)
      The pater presents results of the face verification contest that was organized in conjunction with International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2000. Participants had to use identical data sets from a large, publicly ...
    • Multi Modal Verification for Teleservices and Security Applications (M2VTS) 

      Author: Richard, G.; Menguy, Y.; Guis, I.; Suaudeau, N.; Boudy, J.; Lockwood, P.; Fernandez, C.; Fernández, F.; Kotropoulos, C.; Tefas, A.; Pitas; Heimgartner, R.; Ryser, P.; Beumier, C.; Verlinde, P.; Pigeon, S.; Matas, J.; Kittler, J.; Bigün, J.; Abdeljaoued, Y.; Meurville, E.; Besacier, L.; Ansorge, M.; Maitre, G.; Luettin, J.; Ben-Yacoub, S.; Ruiz, B.; Aldama, K.; Cortes, J.
      (IEEE, 1999-07)
      The paper presents the European ACTS project “M2VTS” which stands for Multi Modal Verification for Teleservices and Security Applications. The primary goal of this project is to address the issue of secured access to local ...