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    • Hybrid power filter for advanced power quality in industrial systems 

      Author: Švec, Jan; Müller, Zdeněk; Kasembe, Andrew; Tlustý, Josef; Valouch, Viktor
      (Elsevier, 2013)
      The paper presents the structure and control strategy of the hybrid power filter (HPF) with a split passive part. Its impedance is divided into two parts tuned to 50 Hz and 250 Hz. The HPF topology is very efficient to ...
    • Stability Control of Renewable Energy Sources in Distribution Systems 

      Author: Tlustý, Josef; Müller, Zdeněk; Valouch, Viktor
      (IEEE, 2010)
      Deregulation in the power market has encouraged the move towards distributed generation, where many smaller generating plants located close to major loads are penetrating into interconnected power systems. When the penetration ...
    • Synchronous Phasors Monitoring System Application Possibilities 

      Author: Kasembe, Andrew G.; Müller, Zdeněk; Švec, Jan; Tlustý, Josef; Valouch, Viktor
      (IEEE, 2012)
      The paper deals with some tasks of advanced methods to achieve security and reliability of transmission power systems. There are discussed advanced principles and techniques in monitoring systems. The paper main part is ...