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    • Improvement of Column-Parallel Sampling for A Monolithic Pixel Detector 

      Author: Vančura P.; Havránek M.; Jakovenko J.
      (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2020)
      Monolithic pixel detectors often use an on-chip analog to digital converter (ADC) with successive approximation register (SAR) to digitize the signal amplitude of the pixels. This paper solves the challenges of column-parallel ...
    • Radiation Tolerant 8 - bit Analog to Digital Converter with Successive Approximation 

      Author: Vančura P.
      (ČVUT FEL, Středisko vědecko-technických informací, 2019)
      This paper brings implementation of radiation tolerant 8-bit asynchronous analog to digital converter with successive approximation (SAR ADC) in 180 nm CMOS SoI technology.
    • Spatial Systematic Mismatch Assessment of Pre-arranged Layout Topologies 

      Author: Vančura P.; Jakovenko J.; Kotě V.; Vacula P.; Kubačák A.
      (Elsevier, 2020)
      A spatial systematic mismatch, occurring in the integrated circuit manufacturing process, leads to differences in parameters for two or more identical devices. It is widely accepted that placing devices into symmetrical ...
    • Time of flight measurements with the PH32 chip 

      Author: Janoška Z.; Benka T.; Havránek M.; Hejtmánek M.; Jakovenko J.; Kafka V.; Kaschner M.; Marčišovská M.; Marčišovský M.; Neue G.; Tomášek L.; Švihra P.; Vančura P.; Vrba V.
      (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2019)
      The front-end readout chip PH32, that is suitable for the measurement of {X-rays}, beta radiation and ions, is primarily dedicated to the dose rate measurement and basic spectroscopy. This article is focused on the ...