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      CMA-ES, Black-box optimization, Gaussian processes [1]
      CMAS-ES, Optimalizace, Gaussovské processy [1]
      color models [1]
      color spaces [1]
      combinatorial game theory [1]
      compiler [1]
      Compiler, GCC, optimization, security, vulnerability. [1]
      component-based programming, Compo, system modeling, virtual machine [1]
      compression, search, bioinformatics, DNA, De Bruijn graphs, index, FM-index, succinct data structures [1]
      computer vision, licence plate recognition, object tracking, onboard camera, image processing, detection [1]
      context sensitive grammar,procedural generation,self-learning game,2D platformer,Qt [1]
      conversion [1]
      convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, long short-term memory neural networks, deep learning, hyperparameters optimisation, grid search, random search, time series classification [1]
      cooperation with industry, data warehouse, DWH, data integration, normalized model, dimensional model, data mart, ETL, SCD, report [1]
      Criminality prediction, predictive policing, Data mining, Machine Learning, Supervised learning, Classification, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machines, Deep learning, Convolution neural net, Recurrent neural net. [1]
      Dart [1]
      data compression [1]
      data compression, LZW, ALZW, highly similar strings, DNA, searching in compressed texts [1]
      data compression,context compression methods,PPM,succinct de Bruijn graphs,dynamic rank and select structures [1]
      Data mining, knowledge discovery, time series database, periodic patterns [1]