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      faster LR parsing, LR parsing, automata library, MI-SYP, LR language, context-free grammar [1]
      FFT,fast Fourier transform,DFT,discrete Fourier transform,HFFT,Hexagonal fast Fourier transform,radix,Cooley-Tukey,Brunn,parallelization,vectorization,SIMD,AVX,OpenMP [1]
      FFT,rychlá Fourierova transformace,DFT,diskrétní Fourierova transformace,HFFT,Hexagonální rychlá Fourierova transformace,radix,Cooley-Tukey,Bruun,paralelizace,vektorizace,SIMD,AVX,OpenMP [1]
      finite automata [1]
      finite automaton,exact string matching,aproximate string matching,simulation of matching automaton,Algorithm library [1]
      finite tree automaton, ranked labeled ordered tree, regular tree language, random tree generator, determinization [1]
      FIX,anomaly detection,trading,HBOS [1]
      FIX,detekce anomalií,tradování,HBOS [1]
      fixed-parameter tractable [1]
      fixing errors, data reconstruction, supermarket, python [1]
      Flashsort [1]
      flow algorithms [1]
      Ford-Fulkerson algorithm [1]
      Fordův-Fulkersonův algoritmus [1]
      forensic analysis, electronic communication analysis, social network analysis, centrality, community detection [1]
      forenzní analýza, analýza elektronické komunikace, analýza sociálních sítí, centralita, detekce komunit [1]
      forkable expressions,derivatives,concurrency,regular expressions,automata [1]
      formal language, context-free grammar, syntactic analysis, grammar transformations [1]
      formální jazyk, bezkontextová gramatika, syntaktická analýza, transformace gramatik [1]
      Four-Russians algorithm [1]