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    education in pre-hospital care [1]
    edukace v přednemocniční péči [1]
    Electrical energy,blackout,critical infrastructure,power failure,municipality with Extended Powers Kladno [1]
    elektronická karta pacienta [1]
    Emergency committee,intervention location,affected territory,dangerous substance,GIS layers,spatial analysis,population numbers [1]
    emergency delivery of potable water,critical situation,SWOT analysis,crisis management,necessary delivery,state of danger [1]
    Emergency event,Exercise,Integrated rescue system,Threats,Hazards,Trauma plan [1]
    Emergency Event,Leakage of Dangerous Chemical Substance,Fire,Flood,Software Tools,SWOT Analysis [1]
    Emergency Event,Regional Directorate of the Police of the City of Prague,Fire Rescue Corps of the City of Prague,Police Commander,Medical Emergency Service of the Capital City of Prague,Type acti [1]
    Emergency medical dispatch centre,Disaster,Integrated rescue system [1]
    Emergency medical service,patients,highly infectious diseases,epidemiological threats,legislation [1]
    Emergency medical service,physical condition,chest compression,resuscitation,heart rate,physical activity [1]
    emergency medical services,public safety answering point,critical infrastructure,crisis readiness plan [1]
    emergency population warning,emergency information,preventive educational programs [1]
    emergency preparedness,evacuation,medical facility,intensive [1]
    Emergency services,dangerous chemicals,traffic accident,ADR Treaty,Police of the Czech Republic [1]
    emergency situation,legislation concerning the emergency situation management,biathlon arena [1]
    emergency situation,medical rescue service,mass disability,crisis preparedness,traumatology plan [1]
    Emergency,crisis situation,integrated emergency aid system,Odolena Voda,SWOT analysis,security threats,fire protection units,municipal police,the Police of the Czech Republic [1]
    Emergency,Integrated Rescue System,Mass casualty event,methodological drill,Red Alert [1]