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      Klíčové slovo
      ACAS/TCAS, odpovídač, 1030 MHz, 1090 MHz, mód C, mód S, hybridní sledování [1]
      ACAS/TCAS, transponder, 1030 MHz, 1090 MHz, mode C, mode S, hybrid surveillance [1]
      ADS-B, 1090ES, GNSS, DF17, Letiště Praha/Ruzyně, Pojezdová dráha, Polohová data, Řízení letového provozu, WGS84, ECEF [1]
      ADS-B, 1090ES, GNSS, DF17. Airport Prague/Ruzyne, Taxiway, Positional data, Air traffic control, WGS84. ECEF [1]
      Aerobatics,Airline Traffic Pilot,Commercial Pilot,Private Pilot,airline companies,loss of control in air,flight envelope,nonstandard flight attitude [1]
      aeroplane,operating costs,fixed costs,variable costs,subsidy,regulation [1]
      Air Conditioning System,cockpit heating,Airbus A320 Family,Optimalization [1]
      Air rescue service, HEMS, cooperation, integrated rescue system, helicopter, rescue service, W3A-Sokol, EC 135, border area, legislation, economic differences, logistic of rescue action, members of crew, emergency [1]
      Air Rescue servise, Airborne laser scanning, Termovision, Night Vision Device [1]
      Air traffic control, radar, monopulse, secondary surveillance Mode S radar, surveillance infrastructure, interoperability. [1]
      Air Traffic Control, Trajectory Prediction, Medium Term Conflict Detection, Satefy Nets [1]
      Air transport, Airlines, Organizations, Services [1]
      Air transport, computer software, luggage with extreme dimensions, loading space, mass [1]
      air transport,aircraft,navigation,low visibility,airport,approach,taxiing [1]
      air transport,low-cost carriers,Central Europe,Poland,Czech Republic [1]
      aircraft,airline,owner,operator,purchase,financing,full service airlines,low-cost airlines [1]
      Airline marketing, SEO, Inbound marketing, online marketing, Smart Wings, Czech airlines [1]
      Airline, reorganisation, bankruptcies, fusion [1]
      Airport selection, business aviation, flight planning, airport parameters, decision-making algorithm [1]
      airport, airline, incentive program, the number of passengers, destination, frequency [1]