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      test plan [1]
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      test sheet [1]
      tests of materials [1]
      Thermal camera,Temaprature,Infrared radiation,Measurement,Technology [1]
      thermal fields [1]
      Thermal sprayingThermal spraying by Zn, Al, Zn/AlPreliminary treatmentAdhesion [1]
      Thermal, spray, wear, resistant, coatings, application [1]
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      Thermocouple protecting tubes, pyrometer, thermovision, measuring of temperature, vacuum furnace [1]
      thermography [1]
      Thermonuclear fusion [1]
      Thin Al layers, plating, steaming, sodium hydroxide, laser [1]
      This thesis deals with the issue of repairing molds for die casting. Initially, the research aims to show the basic use of tool materials for those parts which come into contact with the melt. Then I would like to describe the mechanisms which are the cause of damaging the functional parts of the tools. The practical part of this thesis gives insight into the practice of dealing with repairs in TOOLS+ s.r.o., a company which has many years of experience with it. [1]
      Tibologie [1]
      TIG [1]
      TIG svařování,geometrie wolframové elektrody,broušen [1]
      TIG svařování,ochranný plyn,vlečná ochrana,korozivzdorná ocel,automatizace [1]
      TIG welding,shielding gas,towing protection,stainless steel,automatization [1]
      TIG welding,tungsten electrode tip shape,grinding [1]