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      Tabor,rehabilitation,completion of the construction,public space,urban structure [1]
      Tábor, veřejná prostranství, povrchy, zeleň, pravidla [1]
      Tábor,revitalizace,dostavba,veřejný prostor,urbánní struktura [1]
      Technical infrastructure,village Příkrý,concept of wastewater drainage system,sewerage,sewer [1]
      Technická infrastruktura,obec Příkrý,koncepce odkanalizování,kanalizace,stoka [1]
      Tepna - Náchod [1]
      Těžba,hnědé uhlí,rekultivace,územní plánování,plocha těžby [1]
      The city of Strakonice,territorial analysis,public space,sustainable development,urban planning document,territorial studies,commercial advertising and lighting in the public space [1]
      theatre [1]
      This diploma thesis is focused on the topic of greenery versus urban housing in Prague,capital city of Czech Republic mainly describing the natural park Prokopske and Dalejske valley which is covering large area of city districts Prague 5,13 and 6. Natural park Prokopske and Dalejske valley is the main topic of this diploma thesis.Thesis is divided into several chapters which are giving basic informations on most of green areas in Prague and detailed description of natural park Prokopske and Dalejske valley and its environs,describing its history,current state of and plans for future.This thesis is based on the informations availabe in the time of its writing (books,web pages and personal consultations with persons responsible for the future development of the park). Some of my personal experiences and knowledge are implemented as well [1]
      track and field [1]
      transformace území [1]
      transformation [1]
      Trutnov [1]
      urban planning,prague,public space,build up [1]
      Urban planning¨ [1]
      urban research [1]
      urban space [1]
      urban structure [1]
      Urban Studies, Lom, Territorial Planning, Concept of Municipal Development, Sustainable Development [1]