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      energetická náročnost, skladba, obvodová stěna, posouzení, cena [1]
      energy need for heating, unheated space staircase, thermal protection of buildings [1]
      energy performance, composition, exterior wall, assessment, price [1]
      EPS, Elegohouse,Stavební detail,Tepelně vlhkostní analýza,Tepelná ochrana budov [1]
      EPS,Elegohouse,Construction detail,Hygrothermal analysis,Thermal protection of buildings [1]
      External thermal insulation composite system (ETICS),Capatect,prefabricated block of flats T06B,detail,loggia,plinth,external insulatiation,insulation [1]
      family house, structure, masonry, isolation, material, environmental, price of material, energy [1]
      Family house,Stone foundation,Floor reconstruction,Masonry,Roof,Guest house [1]
      Family houses,realization,technological procedures,construction study ,visual exploration [1]
      Family villa,gap site,natural lighting,sunshine,thermal protection,sound insulation [1]
      Ferroconcrete, thermal insulation, acces and parking, boarding house [1]
      fire safety design, block of flats, cafe, fire risk, mass garages [1]
      fire safety of buildings, fire safety solution, cohousing, building permit documentation, fire compartment, fire risk [1]
      Fire safety of buildings,fire safety solution,apartment block,fire compartment,escape routes,fire- fighting equipment,construction revision [1]
      Fire safety solution, aparment house, fire compartment, fire alarm system, overpressure ventilation, fire load [1]
      Fire safety solution, apartment block, commercial spaces, collective parking space, construction revision [1]
      fire safety solution, apartment house, automated parking system, fire detection, fire-resistance rating [1]
      fire safety solution, apartment house, fire seal, installation shaft, fire propagation, fire dividing construction, chimney effect, toxicity of combustion product [1]
      fire safety solution, assembly room, fire safety equipment, museum, restaurant [1]
      Fire safety solution, block of flats, firestop barrier; external cladding; roof covering [1]