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      QMS - quality management system [1]
      QMS internal audit [1]
      QMS – systém managementu kvality [1]
      quality [1]
      Quality management, customer, process, vehicle. [1]
      quality, process, system, management, ISO, EFQM, transport company [1]
      Quality, Quality Management, Quality Award, Total Quality Management, European Foundation for Quality Management, Excellence, EFQM Excellence Model, Self-Assessment, Action Plan. [1]
      railway infrastructure [1]
      Railway signalling and interlocking system; capacity; automatic line block system; automatic block system; timetable [1]
      Railway station superstructure refurbishment, railway station, platform, PKP 25/20 track layer, Donelli PTH 350 gantry crane, UK 25/18 wagon crane, Desec TL 50 ZPS, Gottwald GS 150.14, work schedule. [1]
      railway transport [1]
      railway vehicles [1]
      Railway, economics, operational comparison, break even point analysis, passenger train, traction [1]
      Rakovník [1]
      recycling, residential recyclables collection, GIS, ArcGIS Network Analyst, MSW, vehicle routing, arc routing problem [1]
      recyklace, sběr recyklovaného materiálu, městská aglomerace, GIS, ArcGIS Network Analyst, optimální trasování [1]
      region Moravian-Silesian, Bruntál area, integrated public traffic system, optimalization, tariff system [1]
      Reliability, life cycle, prediction of reliability, service cost, interlocking system. [1]
      Remotely controlled station, Station supervisor, Emergency dispatcher, Facility failures JOP [1]
      road cargo traffic alternative fuels [1]